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Q: What professional quarterback did not use the laces on the football to throw?
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Do you throw the football with the laces on the palm of your hand or on your fingers?

you throw it with your fingers on the laces

Who throw the interceptions in football?


What is the football?

The football is a ball made out of leather with laces in the middle. The laces in the middle are for grip when you throw the ball. When you throw the ball a good pass is when it spirals. You could also kick the football which is planted on a tea except on field goals. That is when someone holds the ball for you. P.S. Please comment!!!!! Answer Improve by Filly309

What is the longest throw for a pro football quarterback?

99-yards is the NFL record

What quarterback of all time can throw a football the fastest?

I think it is Brett Farve.

What is the position in flag football that is responsible for passing the football?

A few of the positions pass the ball but the biggest would be the quarterback. The quarterback passes the ball to a linemen, and is the first throw of the game!

Was there ever a quarterback who could actually throw a football 100 yards in the air?

Brat favre has

What is it called when a lineman gets through to the quarterback?

When a defensive player tackles a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage as he is trying to throw the football .... that is called a sack.

What makes a football spin?

A football is spiraled by the position your hand is place on the ball. Your fingers have to be placed on the laces of the ball and u must overhead throw while flicking your wrist.

Do all football boots have laces?

Most quarterbacks use the laces to better grip and throw the ball.

How far should a good quarterback be able to throw at 14 years old?

I’m 14, 6’0, 165, and i throw exactly 38 yards but I feel like I can throw farther with a different ball, everyone tells me it feels really heavy, before reading this i was scared I was below average but I’m right on point As a great QB with a heavy ball, if i get a different ball I’ll probably launch it 42 yards to be honest.

What is loss of yardage in football?

A loss of yardage in football is when someone on the team holds the football in his/her hand(s)/arm(s) and someone on the other team tackles the person with the football before the person with the football can advance across the line in which the play started. For example: the team with the football start on the fifty yard line and they need to advance the ball to the forty yard line for a first down. The football gets snapped to the quarterback. The quarterback has two options: run with the football or throw the football to someone on his/her team so the team can attempt to get the ball across the forty yard line. The quarterback notices that someone on the other team is running at him/her and runs backwards to the forty yard line. Before the quarterback has the chance to either run with the football or throw the football, the person tackles the quarterback at the forty yard line resulting in a ten yard loss.