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I think it is Brett Farve.

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Q: What quarterback of all time can throw a football the fastest?
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Who has the fastest 40 yard dash time as a quarterback?

Michael Vick has the fastest time

What is inside the pocket in football?

A Pocket in American Football is the safe area created by the offensive linemen create for a quarterback by blocking the defensive rushers. This safe area is supposed to allow the quarterback time to make his reads and throw the ball to a receiver.

What do linerbacks do?

line backers block the quarterback to give him time to throw the ball or pass it off. the opposing team tries to get through the linebackers and tackle the quarterback before he can throw/ pass.

Who can call a time out in high school football?

The quarterback, the coach, or the official...

Who is the Fastest player in collage football?

Jeff Demps of the Florida Gators is the fastest 100m dash in NCAA Football with a time of 9.96....

What sport requires fastest reaction time?


Fastest run 40 time in college football?

devin hester

Who is the fastest quarterback of all time?

that would be mike vick.steve young is a very elusive runner but i have to say its mike.

Who has the fastest 40 time in college football?

Barry Sanders; he ran a 3.95

How fast is the fastest NFL football player?

The fastest NFL football player, measured in terms of the fastest 40-yard dash time at the combine, is Chris Johnson. He was clocked with a forty time of 4.24 seconds. The second fastest time was set by Dri Archer at the 2014 combine with 4.26 seconds. As Johnson's career is winding down, it is likely that Archer is the fastest player in the NFL.

What is the 'pocket' in football?

The "pocket" is a horseshoe shaped area formed by offensive linemen that drop back and protect the quarterback during a pass play. In theory, if the quarterback remains within the pocket, he will have sufficient time to find a receiver and throw a pass. If defensive players penetrate the pocket before the pass is thrown, the quarterback is either sacked or forced to run out of the pocket...and then he's on his own.

When the quarterback take a knee in football does it take time off theclock?

yes because it is considered a down.

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