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When a defensive player tackles a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage as he is trying to throw the football .... that is called a sack.

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Q: What is it called when a lineman gets through to the quarterback?
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Why do defensive linemen have to put one hand on the ground in the NFL game?

They don't, there is no rule that states they have to. One reason the defensive lineman gets in a three point stance (one hand on the ground) is to put him on the same level as the offensive lineman, who also is in a three point stance. One of the keys of being able to keep the offensive lineman from controlling a defensive lineman is for the defensive lineman to have a lower center of gravity. If the offensive lineman can get low on a defensive lineman he can pretty much move him anywhere he wants. This is particularly important on running plays where the offensive line is to trying to open a 'hole' for the running back to run through.

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If a quarterback gets tackled behind the line of scrimmage after fumbling is it a sack?


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What is a sack in football?

when the defense gets past the opposing team's offensive line and tackles the team's quarterback.

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