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No. Any time a batter makes it on base, it counts towards his total bases, which is a part of the formula which calculates OBP. It does, however, affect his batting average.

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It counts as making an out (an 0 for 1) however you get an RBI. If it is a double play, however, no RBI is awarded.

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yes any time up at bat counts

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Q: Does a fielders choice go towards a players on base percentage?
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Does reaching base on a fielders choice increase your on base percentage?

No. Only hits, walks, and times hit-by-pitch improve a hitter's OBP.

Can you score a run on 3rd out fielders choice?


Does a batter who hits into a fielders choice and has an rbi get credited with an at bat or is it scored like a sacrifice?

Yes, the batter is credited with an at-bat and scored as a fielders choice.

Can a fielders choice count as time at bat?


Is a bunt ever scored as a fielders choice and counted as a at bat?


Is it a fielders choice with one out and runner on third and batter grounds out to first with runner on third scoring?

Anytime the batter is put out at 1st base on a batted ball it is not considered a fielders choice, it is simply a put out. Now in your scenario if the catcher would have thrown home and the runner coming from 3rd is out and the batter is safe at 1st, then in that case it would be a fielders choice

How can fielders choice cause a balk?

It can't ... a balk can only be committed by a pitcher.

Can an error be charged on a successful fielders choice?

No. No error can ever be given when there is an out made on the play.

How does a fielders choice effect batting average?

It does not count as an at bat

Is it scored as a fielders choice if the infield attempt to throw the runner at second out is unsuccessful?

Nope. It's a stolen base.

When was Players Choice Awards created?

Players Choice Awards was created in 1992.

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