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No. No error can ever be given when there is an out made on the play.

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Q: Can an error be charged on a successful fielders choice?
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When a player gets on base due to a fielders error is the batter charged for time at bat?

Yes, the batter would have been out if it were not for the error.

Do errors and fielders choice factor into batting average?

Yes, if a hitter hits into a fielder's choice he gets credited for an at-bat and is NOT credited with a hit. Whether its an error or a fielder's choice the players batting average WILL decrease

Do errors and fielders choice factor into on base percentage?

For on-base percentage, it still counts as an at bat and the hitter is not credited with an 'on base' so whether its an error or a fielder's choice the player's on-base percentage will decrease

How is a bunt scored when advancing a runner but reaching first with no error from the fielder?

This depends on the situation. If the fielder threw to get the runner out and the batter reached 1st due to this, then it would be considered a sacrafice by ruling it a Fielders Choice, and no hit or error would be charged. If the batter bunted and had good placement and was able to reach 1st due to a good bunt and beating the throw, then it would be considered a hit

How many ways can you reach 1st base in a baseball game?

Hit, error, fielders choice, hit by pitch, catchers interference, walk, dropped third strike

A batter gets a hit and later scores on a fielders choice is the run earned or unearned?

Earned. Unearned runs only apply to cases where an error allows a runner to score where they otherwise would not have.

Does a fielder's choice count as an out?

I AM A COLLEGE BASEBALL PLAYER ALL INFORMATION HERE IS 100% TRUE. A fielders choice does not count as a hit for the batter even though the batter reaches base safely. It counts as an out for the hitters batting average but RBI's, runs scored, stolen bases and any other effects of the batter reaching base safely count. In essence a fielders choice counts as an out because the fielder could have chose to get the batter out or another runner which means there was an out on the play. Also, you cannot assume a double play even if the ball hit was the easiest 4-6-3 which the fielders made an error on.

What does a base hit mean in baseball?

a base hit is when u hit and get on base without: error (unless u would have been there despite the error) Fielders Choice (unless u would have been safe despite the FC) Interference

Can a batter reach base on a sacrifice bunt?

No. By definition it is not a sacrifice unless the batter is out. The correct answer is yes. The runner can reach base during a sacrifice on a throwing error or a fielders choice.

If a run is scored via a fielders choice is it earned?

No. A run is only unearned if an error or passed ball (but NOT wild pitch) results in a run scoring that would not have scored (in the official scorer's judgment) had the play been made cleanly.

Is a wild pitch an error in baseball?

No. only messed up plays by the fielders are errors.

What is it scored as if a batter attempts a sac bunt with men on first and second and the fielder tries to get out the lead runner and everyone is safe with no error?

Its Fielders choice, and an infield hit. An error can be recorded if the play could have been executed but was not due to a bad throw or other circumstance. If no error occurs, it is a Fielder's Choice, however, if, in the Official Scorers judgement, the batter would have been retired with normal effort, the batter should be credited with a Sacrifice Hit. If, in the scorers judgement, the runner would have beat the throw to first with normal effort by the fielder, he should be credited with a hit, otherwise, no hit should be credited to the batter. Under normal circumstances, in the question as stated, it should be recorded as a Fielders Choice and Sacrifice (officially called a Sacrifice Hit) by the batter.

What are the eight ways to score a run?

I've found 13. Error, wild pitch, passed ball, catcher's interference, balk,hit by pitch, sac fly, sac bunt, walk, hit, stolen base,double play and fielders choice.

How many ways to reach base in baseball?

There are 7 ways. 1. Base Hit 2. Walk 3. Reach on an error 4. Strike 3 Pass Ball 5. Fielders Choice 6. Hit By Pitch 7. Catcher's Interference.

Is it a hit when an infield attemps a fielder's choice and the runners are all called safe with no errors?

No matter what, in a fielders choice play the batter is given and 0 for 1 in the record books. It is based on the thought that if the defense had attempted a play on the batter he most surely would have been out. You misunderstood the question. If a fielder's choice is attmpted, but all runners are save and no error is scored it's a hit ... since the fielder's choice didn't actually happen.

There are seven ways a baseball player can legally reach first base without getting a hit?

Walk, error, hit by pitch, fielders choice, dropped third strike, interference, pinch running (8 if you include obstruction which is only a little different than interference)

How many ways are there to get on first base without a hit?

I believe it to be 8 1. hit by a pitch 2. intentional walk 3. walk 4. dropped third strike 5. fielding error 6. fielders choice 7. hit 8. catchers interference

What are six ways to reach first base without getting a hit or walking?

Error Catchers Interference Fielders Choice Intentional Walk Hit by Pitch Dropped Third Strike

How many ways can a batter reach first base safely without a base hit?

I believe there are 7, but I can only think of 6 right now 1. Error 2. Walk 3. Hit By Pitch 4. Error 5. Fielders Choice 6. Catchers interference

What are the 5 ways to make it to first base in baseball?

u asked for 5. I'll give u 6: hit Base on balls Hit by pitch catcher intereference fielders choice error

What are the ways that you can get to first base in regulation baseball?

1. A Base Hit 2. An Error 3. A Walk (Intentional or not) 4. A HBP 5. Catchers Interference 6. Fielders Choice 7. Dropped Third Strike

Is a past ball an error?

Yes, if the ball is pitched in a location where the catcher has a reasonable chance of stopping the ball, that is a passed ball and the error is charged to the catcher. If the ball is pitched in a location where the catcher does NOT have a reasonable chance of stopping the ball, that is a wild pitch and the error is charged to the pitcher. Actually, a passed ball is NOT charged as an error against the catcher. It's simply charged as a passed ball. Not terribly logical, I agree, but that's the rule.

What is the meaning of er in baseball?

An ER is an Earned Run, a run for which the pitcher is considered responsible, as opposed to an Unearned Run, which involves an error (or passed ball) by one of the fielders.

Runners on 1st and 3rd 2 outs Batter hits a broundball to the 3rd baseman who looks to second but the second baseman isn't covering The 3rd baseman then looks to 1st but has no play What is the ruling?

This would be a put in the book as a fielders choice -- no hit or RBI granted to the batterThen you tell your infield to wake up and make mental note so you can rip into them once they are in the dugoutin order for that play to be called a fielders choice there has to be an out made ... it's scored as a infield hit ... with the bases loaded ...Correction:A Fielders Choice does not have to result in an out -- I have attached the Official Score Keepers definition of a fielders choice (in the example given for the question.. this would fall under section b -- the 3rd baseman cleanly fielded a ball and was going to go to 2nd for the put out rather then going straight to 1st)Fielders Choice is the act of a fielder who handles a fair grounder and, instead of throwing to first base to put out the batter runner, throws to another base in an attempt to put out a preceding runner. The term is also used by scorers(a) to account for the advance of the batter runner who takes one or more extra bases when the fielder who handles his safe hit attempts to put out a preceding runner;(b) to account for the advance of a runner (other than by stolen base or error) while a fielder is attempting to put out another runner; and(c) to account for the advance of a runner made solely because of the defensive team's indifference (undefended steal).

7 ways a baseball player can reach 1st base without being hit?

1. walk 2. hit by pitch 3. error 4. dropped third strike 5. fielders choice 6.. interference 7. Obstruction