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during sports performance your arousal level will begin to increase. Once you reach your optimum arousal it will begin to decrease. This will make you feel less confident. E.g. when taking a penalty in football.

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Q: How will optimal arousal affect your sport performance?
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Different Types Of Arousal in sport?

under, over and optimal

Example of low arousal levels in sport?

Arousal can effect sport performance, for example if you have poor arousal, you will not be ready for a sports game and won't perform to the standard you can do. If you have good arousal your performance will be better as you will be ready for a performance. By Lewis soal

Why is arousal important in sport performance?


Describe arousal in sport and exercise?

arousal is the amount of mental energy or preparedness a person has prior to performance

Definition of arousal in sport?

arousal in sport is your state of readyness before a match or a race if you ever have the feeling of needing a wee before a race thats arousal its a phsycological affect that is neither negative nor positive

How does sasonal changes affect sport performance?

"seasonal". And it doesnt effect sport performance.

How can culture effect your sports performance?

It can affect your sport's performance by the characteristics you have that affect play.

How does workload affect sport performance?


What drugs affect sport performance?

ALL DRUGS will affect your performance in some sort of way.

How does diet affect sport performance?

Diet affects your sport performance because if you have the right diet then you will not have energy and fitness.

How does preparation affect sport performance?

preparation can effect performance in sport in many ways. first of all a warm is crucial to best performance and it is also used as mental preparation, getting 'syked' for the game or performance. you need preparation to reach optimum arousal. arousal is getting 'your head in the game' but getting to the optimum needs practice as you can be under aroused and over aroused which are both bad. metal rehearsal is when the performer plays over a successful performance in their head, this makes ready for their performance and gets rid of nerves. relaxation- massage, listening to music etc. and also zoning out- just clearing your head of everything and only focusing on your performance, this helps top reach optimum arousal and focus. if you don't prepare for your performance then the performance will be poor and deteriorate.

How does demand of work affect in sport performance?


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