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as your level of arousal are good , so you becoming a very good and still impressing your coach 'then you may find a good team . and be a preffessional player

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Q: What are the long term effects of arousal on sports performance?
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What are the long term effects of Arousal and Anxiety in Sports Performance?


What are the long term effects of arousal?

the long term effects of arousal are if you are highly aroused you do not perform as well, or if you are not aroused enough you do not perform to the best of your ability. This apply's in sports and anywhere or for anything else.

What long term affects does arousal have on sports performance?

not performing to the to the best of there ability and not being able to the concentrate enough

How does anxiety affect sports performance long term?

well anxiety effects your over all performance. You would be a ball hog as it is called, but you would not be a good team mate

What are the long term effects of concentration on sports performance?

i am rerally smart oh my school work wont suffer Y ó l ó

Why are performance enhancement drugs ethical?

They are not ethical, their use is cheating and they have harmful, long term side effects.

What are the long and short term effects of the respiratory system from sports?

Sports do not generally have any negative effects on the respiratory system. In the short term, an athlete may feel out of breath, but continued playing will strengthen the lungs.

What is ment by reversibility and what effect can it have on a sports performer?

When a performer starts to stops for a long or a short period of time there performance starts to go backwards and this means there performance is basically rubbish

How can long term effects of exercise improve sporting performance?

Exercise has multiple short-term and long-term effects. They freshen us. After exercise we feel very good, energetic. We have the tendency to do anything.

Who does asthma affect you when you play sports?

Asthma effects you when you play sports because the Bronchi is very sensitive and can cause irritating in the lungs, this causes loss of breath and maybe vomiting which will effect how long you can last in sports before your too out of breath.

How does being underweight effect your sports performance?

Underweight people do not have the energy reserves to sustain physical exertion for extended periods of time. Some sports are known for rather lightweight competitors, such as long distance and marathon runners.

What are the effects to Neuromuscular and energy system due to long-term exercise?

the reaction for them is speeded up, and enhance performance as the speeded up reactions are carried out.

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