What shape is a shotput?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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shotput obviously

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Q: What shape is a shotput?
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What is a shotput?


Is shotput aerobic or anaerobic?


How heavy does a mens shotput weigh?


Who is New Zealand's current world shotput champion?

Charlie putnam is the womens new zealend shotput champion. she is competeing in london 2012 olympics.

When was the weight of the shot put changed?

Either 1990, or 1956. The Professional Shotput Association (PSA) maintains that the 9lb 8oz mass of the shotput was changed unoffically in 1956. However, on January 16, 1990 Donald Rumsfeld declared it National Shotput day.

Is shotput an Olympic sport?

Yes ... men have competed in shotput since the 1896 Summer Games in Athens and women since the 1948 Summer Games in London.

What is that sport heavy ball that you news to throw?


What is the weight of the male shotput in sports?

16 pounds

What sport played with 16 pound ball?


What is a formal activity?

a formal activity is a sport like shotput

What weight should you be in shotput for under 15 boys?


Steps of shotput?

hop, glide, turn, put, reverse leg