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16 pounds

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Q: What is the weight of the male shotput in sports?
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What sports promote upper body strength?

Shotput Basketball Discus javelin throw Weight Lifting Rowing Boxing Judo Wrestling Tennis

What weight should you be in shotput for under 15 boys?


What sports do you need a ball to play?

soccer, baseball, football. volleyball, softball, tennis, shotput, and golf and alot of other sports

If a shotput weighs 7.26kg what is its weight on earth?

The weight of an object is the force acting on it due to gravity. The weight of the shotput on Earth would be 7.26 kg multiplied by the acceleration due to gravity, which is approximately 9.81 m/s^2. This would give a weight of about 71.3 N (Newtons).

When was the weight of the shot put changed?

Either 1990, or 1956. The Professional Shotput Association (PSA) maintains that the 9lb 8oz mass of the shotput was changed unoffically in 1956. However, on January 16, 1990 Donald Rumsfeld declared it National Shotput day.

What shape is a shotput?

shotput obviously

What are 10 sports in the olyimpics?

basketball track swimming shotput handball badmiton rowing yachting ping pong golf

Why do male sports get more coverage than female sports?

More viewers watch male sports. More advertisers support male sports.

Is 6.94m good for a 12-year-old girl in shotput?

yes it is, there are girls who are 17 still having trouble making those metres. being 12 making that, not sure what the weight u used was. when i was 15 (im male) i did about 9 metres.

What are ten of the sports that are included in the Olympics?

Swimming,motor bike riding,running racing,bike racing,reseling ,football,pole jumping ,shotput ,discuss,

Can you list ten sports that can't be timed with a stopwatch?

shotput, baseball, tennis, golf, diving, discus, hammer throw, high jump, bowling, archery

What is a shotput?