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Q: What is that sport heavy ball that you news to throw?
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Why is the sports news is called sports news?

It is called sport news because it is news about sport.

When was Polsat Sport News created?

Polsat Sport News was created in 2011.

Why is netball not on the sport news?

it's a stuid a-- sport

What are the release dates for Heavy News - 2006?

Heavy News - 2006 was released on: USA: 13 July 2006

What is a sport news?

soccer, softball, and hockey

What type of news does the Lancashire Evening Post feature?

This is a news site that mostly publishes sport or celebrity news.

What channel is paint ball on?

Paint ball isn't an official game/sport, so, it's not on TV at all. Unless someone dies in public because of playing paint ball, then, it might make it in the news. Or watch the show 'America's Funniest Videos' (AFV) and keep an eye out for a video on paint ball.

Basic parts of a newspaper and its meaning?

editorial news stories/ current news features story columns business news sport news readers opinions

What is the fastest game playing in the world?

Jai Alai is the fastest official ball game in the world. Hurling is the fastest team sport ball game in the world. Badminton is not the fastest ball sport because it is not a ball sport. In badminton, they use use a shuttlecock which is conical in shape and has feathers. see (Ice hockey No its Hurling for sure.) i am afraid it wrong, now a day, the fastest ball sport is badminton, you might don't believe it, the height record is 414km/h, here's a website (

What is the definition of sport pages?

News pages dedicated to sports.

How can you get the master ball from the Pokemon news press?

no, you only get one master ball, from that dude.

What channel is the new year ball drop on?

on news

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