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a formal activity is a sport like shotput

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Q: What is a formal activity?
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What is a formal writing activity?

A letter of resignation would be formal writing.

What is Formal Activity office meeting?

for example curry is a fomal activity office meeting

What is the difference between formal and informal creative activity for children?

The formal creative activity for children refers to the activities done within a given curriculum or institution. The informal creative activity for children refers to the activity done outside a given curriculum. In most cases it is usually done at home.

What is informal and formal creative activity for children?

inormal is free play, proccess of learning is key

Do men have to wear a tux or can they wear a suit or blazer and dress pants?

Be more specific, like when. It depends on how formal the activity is

What foreign policy philosophy contends that the United States' best interests are served by avoiding formal agreements and activity with other nations?


Do they do division in Key Stage 1?

Yes but not written in the formal way. Division is taught through the practical activity of 'sharing out' and making groups/sets of objects.

One major difference between the house and senate is the total number of members a difference that has meant?

a greater number of formal rules are needed to govern activity in the House.

What type of language should you use in the invitation?

Normally, you use formal language. It depends on the type of activity. If you are writing a cousin to join you at a beach house for a week end, use informal language. If you are having a wedding with 200 guests, use formal language. In that case, ask your caterer.

Differene between formal and non-formal agreement?

Differene of formal,informal and non-formal education

Is formal a prefix?

Formal is not a prefix itself. The for- in formal, however, is a prefix.

Is the rocky mountains a formal or functional or perceptual region?


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