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Q: How heavy does a mens shotput weigh?
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What is that sport heavy ball that you news to throw?


How much does a wonen shotput weigh it weigh's?

It weighs 4 kg or 8.8 lbs in high school

What is ptothsu unscrambled?

The anagram is shotput (shot-put, tossing a heavy ball).

How many pounds does a men's Olympic shotput weigh?

16 pounds (7.26 kg)

What shape is a shotput?

shotput obviously

How much do mens scrotum's weigh?

nine pounds on average

How much does a mens shot put weigh?

16 lbs.

What is a shotput?


How much does X-mens saber-toothed weigh?

275 lbs (125 Kg)

How much does a pair of mens lee jeans weigh?

Put them on some scales and find out

How much does Tofu weigh?

As heavy as it can get.

Is shotput aerobic or anaerobic?