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Q: How many batters did Baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan strike out in his career?
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How many batters did Nolan Ryan strike out?

Nolan Ryan had 5,714 career Strikeouts.

Who was the most recent pitcher to strike out six consecutive batters in the World Series?

Randy Johnson in the 2001 World Series

Why is the pitcher considered the most important defensive player on the team in baseball?

The pitcher in baseball at all levels of the game is vital to the defensive of the team. This holds true for youth baseball, college and professional baseball as well. Generally speaking the pitcher is the most important defensive player because he is involved with every single play in the inning pitched. The same is true for the team catcher, however, the pitcher must throw his pitch in a manner that prevents a batter from getting on base. If a pitcher cannot make most batters draw a strike or have the batter hit the ball to one of his teammates then the defense is in trouble.

What pitchers have 13 strikeouts in a game in 2009?

Baseball is uniquely American. Its a sport of numbers and statistics. The strike out is one such statistic that many a fan counts. For any pitcher a strike out is a difficult task especially against todays amazing batters. To find a pitcher throwing 13 strike outs in 2009 isn't an easy task but it is possible. Many a true fan has counted each strike out. Pitch by pitch is recorded and posted. The almanac is one of these places where the records go, as well as, team sites and fan built pages. With a little effort any question can be answered.

Who was the first pitcher to strike out Babe Ruth?

Willie Mitchell

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