How many batters did nolan Ryan ever struck out?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Nolan Ryan had 5,714 career strikeouts.

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Q: How many batters did nolan Ryan ever struck out?
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Did Nolan Ryan ever have Tommy John surgery?

No, it does not appear that Nolan Ryan ever had this type of surgery.

Best pitcher ever?

Nolan Ryan by far!!

Did nolan Ryan ever pitch for the angles?


Did Nolan Ryan ever play against his son?

In April of 1991 Nolan Ryan and his son, Reid Ryan, pitched against each other in an exhibition game.

Who had the most at bats against Nolan Ryan without ever striking out?

Julian Javier had the most at bats without striking out against Nolan Ryan with 16.

Who has the record for the fasted pitch ever recorded?

Nolan Ryan in 1978, it was 100 MPH

What is the speed of the fastest pitch ever recorded by Lynn nolan Ryan with the California angels in 1974?


What was nolan Ryan known as?

He is the only MLB pitcher to ever throw 7 "no-hitters".Type your answer here...

Did Nolan Ryan ever throw a 200 plus pitch complete game?

No. No pitcher has ever thrown 200 pitches in a game. The record is 177, by Tim Wakefield. In 1963 Marichal reportedly threw 227 pitches and Spahn threw 201 pitches. This was a sixteen inning game .. both pitchers go the distance. In 1974 Ryan threw 235 pitches against the Red Sox in a thirteen innning game. He struck out Cecil Cooper six times. Ryan also walked ten batters.

Does nolan Ryan play basketball?

no he dosnt who ever a asked this qustion needs to go get a life other that stalking someone

Which California Angels pitcher ranked 5th in wins in the majors 1970's?

One of the BEST ever........Nolan Ryan.

What California Angel was the first major leaguer ever to pitch a ball over 100 mph?

Nolan Ryan, 30 years ago.