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Nolan Ryan holds this record with seven career no-hitters.

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Nolan Ryan, 7

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Q: What pitcher has the most no hit games and how many?
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What major league player hit over 400 home runs and won over 90 games as a pitcher?

Babe Ruth won 94 regular season games (and 3 World Series games) as a pitcher and hit 714 home runs.

Baseball player to be hit the most times by the pitcher?


What pitcher hit the most home runs?

Babe Herman Ruth

What infield position should your best athlete play in softball?

Short stop and third base are probably the most difficult, excluding the pitcher and catcher. The shortstop gets the most action and has the most ground to cover, while the third baseman has the hot corner. This is where many very hard hit balls are hit.

Who was the pitcher in MLB that hit a bird while pitching?

A Randy Johnson fastball hit (and killed) a dove during a spring training game on 24 March 2001. Many similar incidents have occurred in minor league games.

What major league team has been hit by a pitcher the most?

Indians this year (65)

Which pitcher did ken griffey jr hit the most home runs off?

Griffey, who retired on June 2, 2010, hit eight of his 630 home runs off pitcher David Wells.

How many times can a pitcher hit the batter?

a little league pitcher can hit a kid up to 4 times but it depends on wear like if you hit them in the head twice than your out and cant pitch but if you hit them inb the leg then you can hit them again unless you hit someone twice in 1 inning

What pitcher hit the most home runs in the World Series?

Bob Gibson and Dave McNally.

Who was the pro baseball player that got hit the most times by the opposing pitcher?

Craig Biggio

Which of the NFS games are the biggest hit?

the need for speed MOST WANTED is the biggest hit of all nfs games

If batter hits high bouncer to pitcher with runners on third and second and the pitcher holds runner on third then throws to first and the batter is safe is this a hit or error by pitcher?

Most likely it is neither a hit nor an error. In most cases this would be scored a "Fielder's Choice". It could be a hit if, in the scorers judgement, the batter would have beat the throw to first had the pitcher not hesitated to hold the runner. It would not be an error unless the pitcher bobbled or misplayed the ball. To clarify, a "Fielder's Choice" can be recorded even if an out is not registered.