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Nolan Ryan holds this record with seven career no-hitters.

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Q: What pitcher has the most no hit games and how many?
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Who holds the Major League Baseball record for the most no-hit games?

The pitcher that pitched the most no hit games in MLB history is Nolan Ryan with 7.

How many batters can a pitcher hit?

There is no rule that governs how many hit batsman a pitcher can have. In practically, the team's manager may remove him if the hit batters become excessive...and the umpire may eject the pitcher if he feels the pitcher is intentionally trying to throw at batters.

Which major League baseball pitcher has the most no-hitters?

Nolan Ryan had a record seven no-hit games during his Hall of Fame career.

Baseball player to be hit the most times by the pitcher?


What pitcher hit the most batters in one game?


What major league player hit over 400 home runs and won over 90 games as a pitcher?

Babe Ruth won 94 regular season games (and 3 World Series games) as a pitcher and hit 714 home runs.

What pitcher hit the most home runs?

Babe Herman Ruth

What active MLB pitcher has hit the most home runs?

Through games played on April 24, 2011 that is Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs with 22.

What is the most home runs by a pitcher in his career?

This may be a trick question. Babe Ruth hit 714 HR -- most of them as an outfielder, but some as a pitcher.

How many home runs did jennie finch hit?

Jennie finch is the pitcher so she does not hit.

How many home runs did Warren Spahn hit in his career?

For his career, Warren Spahn holds the National League record for most home runs hit as a pitcher, with 35.

What major league team has been hit by a pitcher the most?

Indians this year (65)

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