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The goal keeper is a player and can receive a pass like any other player. There are limits on when the goal keeper may use their hands when passed with the feet or thrown in to them from a team-mate.

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Q: Can a player pass the ball to the goal keeper?
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What is the rule about passing back to the goalkeeper?

There is no law about passing a ball backwards to the goal keeper. Direction is completely unimportant. If a player makes a pass with the foot to their own goal keeper, in any direction, then the goal keeper may not touch the ball with their hands. The consequence is an indirect free kick restart for the opponents where the goal keeper picked it up. A deflection would not be considered such a pass. It would have to be a deliberate play by the defender.

Can a goal keeper pick the ball up if it is thrown to hin in a through in?

No he can't, because that will consider as a pass.

Is there any situation where the goal keeper can not bounce the ball?

Yes, cannot hand ball a back pass or outside the penalty area.

When a back pass is going into the goal can a keeper save it without being penalised?

This depends on the referee's determination of the passer's intent. If the player was deliberately passing the ball to the keeper, then the keeper may not handle the ball without penalty (though of course saving it with the feet or another part of the body is perfectly legal).

What are some usful goal attack netball tips?

try to pass the ball around the side of the goal keeper keep passing it back out to the Wing defence and centre.

Is it a goal if keeper team A punts the ball into other team's penalty box and forward for A runs pass team B and kick the ball over B keeper with the team B not touching the ball?

Assuming the Team A forward was in an onside position at the exact instant of the punt, then a goal would be awarded.

How to make a soccer goal?

(if your choosing) pass the ball to another player on your team, and kick it in the opposite teams goal (the goal where you need to score). or kick the ball in yourself.

Can a defender touch the ball whilst a goal shooter is holding it in netball?

No player can touch the ball whilst another is holding it, if they do it is contact on the ball and a penalty pass, pass/shot is given.

What happens when a player from his own team passes the ball back to his own goalie and the goalie picks it up in the box?

If the pass was kicked with the foot, then play will be restarted with an indirect free kick for the opponents at the location the goal keeper touched it with their hands. This would be somewhere within the penalty area, of course. If not passed with the feet, then the goal keeper may take possession with their hands. Trying to circumvent this law with trickery is misconduct. E.g. Using the feet to pop the ball up in order to head it to the goal keeper.

What does it mean if the ball is on the goal line but not over the goal line?

in order for it to be a goal the ball is to completely pass the goal line

Can you pass the soccer ball to another team player from the goal kick?

yes you can. and it is probably the smartest thing to do

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