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This is an exercise programme that provides work out videos to work out all over your body, there is not a main part it is an over all harcore exercise that is aimed mainly at woman, however alot of equipment around the house can be used to maintan this exercise work out video.

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Q: What parts of the body does winsor pilates work out?
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What is the difference between winsor pilates and regualr pilates?

Both types of pilates are quite similar. They both work on breathing, stretching, balance and toning. The only difference between the two, is that winsor pilates use accessories to assist in the movements, like balls, and resistance bands to name a few.

can anyone suggest a good pilates at home machine. Does it work on stength training too?

The Aero Pilates machines are good for both pilates and strength and whole body training and work outs.

What is a good Pilates machine?

The Pilates PowerGym comes highly recommended. This machine is compact and storable in your closet, but it also will work your body hard and get you fit.

What is one similarity between Pilates and yoga?

The body-mind connection, the breathe work. The hard work-that pays of towards a fit body.

How old is Mari Winsor?

I believe Mari Winsor is 60 years old.She writes about age 60 on her website for Slimming Pilates at The article, submitted by Mari on 3-29-2010, begins, "Whoever said 60 was the new 30 must have been high. Although we can always work on our exterior and put injections into our face, the inside does not lie. As you age there is that feeling of falling apart, but for me Pilates is the glue that that keeps my mind and body in harmony. All kidding aside, it just goes by too fast. For those of you who have children and are watching them grow up, you know what I'm talking about."You must be a member of her Slim Club to read the entire article, but it sounds as if she is speaking from experience. Perhaps she turned 60 on or near that date.Furthermore, a popular website people search reveals a Mari A. Winsor in Los Angeles, CA (where Mari has one of her studios), listed as 60 years old.Mari's resume of dance and Pilates experience and expertise certainly allow for this age, but her body and youthfulness do not. Doesn't she look fabulous!? Mari herself is the best testimonial to the effectiveness of Pilates training.I'm grateful for her work. I'm glad you are interested in this wonderful woman. And I hope that I am correct. I will humbly stand corrected if my conjecture and research are flawed.

If you do Pilates do you need to work out with weights separately?

If you are incorporating the Pilates equipment no, you do not.

How many times a day should you do winsor pilates?

As with any form of physical activity, you should be slow starting out, especially if you are not used to doing stuff like that. You shouldn't try to do workouts more than once a day, in the beginning. Work your way up.

Which pilates videos work great for someone who is a beginner to the exercise?

The best pilates video is the Pilates for beginners which is 17.99 on

Does the Malibu pilates chair work?

Yes, it is a great afforable alternative for in-home Pilates equipment.

Will Pilates work for you?

To see results Pilates is best when practiced 2-3x per week.

What muscles do Pilates focus on?

Essentially, The Pilates Method main focus is on the core or powerhouse which are made up of the abdominal muscles, lower back, and pelvic region. However, Pilates does not stop at core work alone. Structural integration, and learning to create a flexible, strong body that can move freely and efficiently are important goals of The Pilates Method. By focusing on breathing, spinal and pelvic alignment, and developing a strong core The Pilates Method helps to improve overall coordination and balance. When practiced regularly The Pilates Method tones, elongates, strengthens, improves flexibility, balance and concentration while decreasing aches and pain in the body.

What parts of the body does this machine work out?

This machine is designed specifically to work out your legs among other parts of your body.