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U could get hurt in the sport u r play Ex. Broken Ankle Broken Arm or torn ACL

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Q: Why should you not have contact in sports?
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Should sports player where protection?

In contact sports yes

Should boys wear jocks?

Yes, either with a cup for sports with direct contact, or just for support when running or playing non-contact sports.

Should contact sports be banned from schools?

no because there will be riots if this happens

Why should a person with only one kidney avoid contact sports?

Contact sports, such as football and hockey, can damage the last remaining kidney, which will mean that that person will need a new kidney.

When can a person with a Grade 2 concussion return to contact sports?

Return to contact sports should only occur after one week with no symptoms, both at rest and during activity, and following examination by a physician.

Should kids younger than 14 play contact sports?

It's okay if they have gear

What activities should be avoided after otoplastic surgery?

Patients should also avoid contact sports for at least three months after otoplasty.

What are the positives of non-contact sports?

Non contact sports get you hefty in the gludius maximus area.

What restrictions do you think there should be on young people participating in contact sports?

There should be levels of which children and adults can play separate depending on there skills.

Should sports involve body contact and inflicting force be encouraged?

Many sports by their nature are a demonstration of strength and involve physical contact. As long as that is controlled well with rules, there is nothing wrong with physical sports. If people are happy to play them, then they should be allowed to. If we had no physical sports, sports would not be so interesting. There is also a need for people to have some outlet for expressing their physical strength. If they are not allowed to do it in sport, they may do it in far less controlled ways, such as violence. We need all kinds of sports, for all kinds of people. So yes, physical sports should be encouraged.

Should kids under the age of 14 play contact sports?

Yes they should. At my high school (England) we started in year seven, when I was eleven.

Why should girls be able to participate in full contact sports with boys?

so they can take showers together and make babys