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no there are no weapons in judo, judo is mainly focus on grappling like amateur Wrestling

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Q: Is the bo staff weapon used in judo?
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What is bo jut su?

Bojutsu is the art/technique (jutsu) of the long staff (bo). It can be studied as a part of a wider martial cursus (as in certain schools of jujutsu and kenjutsu, or karate) or independantly. The usually admitted length of a bo is from 1.60 m to 2.80 m. A shorter staff would be a Jo (or Jyo), a longer would be considered as a training Yari (spear).

Were did a martial arts bo come from?

The person that first picked up a stick. As people learned to use it, they passed the skills on to their family. With regards to Japanese martial arts, the use of the bo as a weapon became popularized roughly during the 1600's while Japan was occupying the Ryu-ku Islands (Okinawa is on these islands, and at the time and for many centuries were not considered part of Japan). During this time it was against the law for the inhabitants of the islands to have a sword, the weapon of choice of the time. However, the locals still found it necessary to defend themselves against bandits who did have swords, so the bo was used because it was widely available. At the time rice flails were used as well (nuchaku) as were the handles to mill wheels (tonfa). I don't think any one person can be accredited with inventing the bo; however, there are some people who have become very proficient with the bo. The long pole was a common tool used by farmers throughout South East Asia for carrying heavy loads balanced across their shoulders and for planting rice plants in the rice paddies. As anyone that becomes proficient with their tools knows, they become comfortable with them and can use them with great experience and ability. It becomes an extension of the body.

What is Tae Bo?

Tae Bo is a martial art form. It is also used in a popular exercise program.

Can you get skip-bo at Walmart?


What does Tae Bo mean?

Tae Bo is a newly created psuedo-martial art that's really more of an aerobic exercise form. The name is taken fromTaekwando and Boxing.Tae Bo is not a combat or sparring form.

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Which anime or Japanese game girl character uses a bo staff or something similar as a weapon?

There is also this girl from the anime Naruto who uses a Bo Staff as a weapon in some cases. She is playable in the Naruto Video Games and in the games she uses the Bo Staff as her main weapon. I hope that answered your question.

What is a Jo a?

A weapon, like a Bo-staff except 50inches in length

How is a bo staff used in Japan?

A bo staff is a 1.8 meter length of bamboo generally used as a striking weapon. It cannot cause any severe or permanent damage but with as long as it is can cause some very painful welts and bruising.

What are martial arts weapons?

Any weapon used in combat is a martial arts weapon. Many of the 'traditional' martial arts weapons originated in China and in Okinawa. They include the bo, the tonfa, sai, staff, multi section staff, chain, darts, shiriken, nunchuku, and tessen.

What is the difference between a cudgel and a bo staff?

A cudgel is a type of club. a Bo staff is longer A cudgel is used for like beatings, a crowbar,baton, a club, its all a cudgel while a bo staff is like a long stick with technique to it (from what i remember) Then there's the Shaolincudgel which is still a bo-staff

How did the bo staff change from a farming tool to a weapon?

People automatically react to danger with whatever they have at hand. Someone that used a staff on a regular basis as a tool to help carry things, would be used to having it in their hands and would be very comfortable with using it. It's use as a weapon probably occurred the first time someone carrying one was attacked.

What is the name of robin's alter ego?

Nightwing. same look like batman but no wings or cape and no full-on mask. His weapon is like a bo-staff.

What Martial Arts use a Bo staff?

Many, many types of martial arts use "bo staffs", but they are not necessarily called that. For example, the staff used in kung fu is called a "guen" in Chinese.

Where can you get a nunti bo?

weapon shop

Where did the bo staff come from?


What is little bo peeps stick called?

Little Bo Peep's stick is typically referred to as a "crook" or a "shepherd's crook." It is used by shepherds to catch or guide sheep.

How do you use the Bo Staff in poptropica?

press the space button and jump