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A cudgel is a type of club. a Bo staff is longer

A cudgel is used for like beatings, a crowbar,baton, a club, its all a cudgel while a bo staff is like a long stick with technique to it (from what i remember)

Then there's the Shaolincudgel which is still a bo-staff

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Q: What is the difference between a cudgel and a bo staff?
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Which anime or Japanese game girl character uses a bo staff or something similar as a weapon?

There is also this girl from the anime Naruto who uses a Bo Staff as a weapon in some cases. She is playable in the Naruto Video Games and in the games she uses the Bo Staff as her main weapon. I hope that answered your question.

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What Martial Arts use a Bo staff?

Many, many types of martial arts use "bo staffs", but they are not necessarily called that. For example, the staff used in kung fu is called a "guen" in Chinese.

What is a Jo a?

A weapon, like a Bo-staff except 50inches in length

How do you use the Bo Staff in poptropica?

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How do you say staff in Japanese staff as in like a wooden staff not a staff made of people?

bo pronounced like a bow and arrow is theJapanese term for staff the proper spelling alludes me however

What does bo mean in Japanese?

It can mean either a Buddhist priest/monk or a boy depending on the context.

How is a bo staff used in Japan?

A bo staff is a 1.8 meter length of bamboo generally used as a striking weapon. It cannot cause any severe or permanent damage but with as long as it is can cause some very painful welts and bruising.

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