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Yes, I have a Warrior Mojo head on my Brine Swizzbeat Shaft and I love it. So if your going to try this out, then yes it will work.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-31 20:21:12
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Q: Will a warrior mojo lacrosse head fit a brine swizzbeat shaft?
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What is the best cheap attack lacrosse shaft?

brine f55 or warrior thriller

What lacrosse shafts does the Brine Clutch fit on?


Can you put a brine lacrosse head on a warrior shaft?

ya it should fit fine cuz i have the brine answer for a head and a warrior hero composite for a shaft. it works fine but im getn the brine swizzle shaft soon so ya

Can you put a brine lacrosse shaft on a warrior head?

It shouldn't matter. Any head should fit on any shaft

Can you put a brine shaft head on a warrior head?


What lacrosse shafts does the Brine Clutch 2x fit on?

the brine clutch head will fit on any brine lacrosse shafts. I have the Clutch on my brine swizzebeat. i recommended this shaft its is light gripy and cheap. it is only 80 dollars

Can a warrior lacrosse head fit on a maverik shaft?


What is the most expensive lacrosse shaft?

Warrior 60" Titan Pro 10 Lacrosse Shaft311.99

What is a better defensive lacrosse shaft the Brine Swizzle scandium or the Warrior Kryptolyte?

The Brine Swizzle Scandium is much better. It is an alloy mixed with scandium(some of the best stuff in the game). This combo allows it to be light but be very durable.

What is a good lacrosse stick for attack?

a warrior helix lacrosse head on a warrior kryptolyte shaft please add me to your saved sellers on eBay i have awesome deals on the top lacrosse gear

What is the best lacrosse stick on the market?

Right Now its the warrior Noz for the head and the warrior krypto Karbon for the shaft

Are they going to come out with other colors of the Brine F22 air lacrosse shaft?

There are already 6 colors you idiot.

If you have a crankshaft shaft do you have to have a certain head?

im not sure but what type of heads do you like, stx, brine, or warrior?

Can an stx lacrosse head fit on a warrior lacrosse shaft?

well it may depend on the type of stx head or warrior shaft,,, usually they can but you may have to drill a new hole. i had an stx proton power on my warrior krypto pro, and all i had to do was drill a new hole.... hope this helped :)

Can a stx head go on a brine shaft?

yes, i have a stx head on a brine shaft. yes, i have a stx head on a brine shaft.

What is the best warrior lacrosse shaft?

I would say the best warrior shafts are:1.Krypto Pro Diamond2.Krypto Pro3. Kryptolyte4. Dolomite5. TitanI have never used the Dolomite or titan but i heard they were good.SEARCH "WHAT IS THE BEST KIND OF LACROSSE SHAFT?"on wikianswers

Do addidas lacrosse heads fit on brine shafts?

Heads are usually universal. You may have to drill a new hole in the shaft though.

Can a warrior lacrosse heads only fit on warrior shafts?

a warrior head can fit on any shaft it might be a bit loose though and you might have to drill a new hole.

What is the worst lacrosse shaft?

the stx amp is the worst lacrosse shaft

Can a warrior lacrosse head fit on a Reebok shaft?

Yes, however you'll possibly have to drill a new hole

What is a top quality full lacrosse stick?

Warrior Titan levitation as the shaft, STX proton power as the head

Will a STX xcalibur lacrosse head fit on a Brine Swizzle scandium shaft?

Yes, you just need to drill a ne hole(easy).

Could you put a STX super power lacrosse head on a warrior shaft?

i guess u could if it fits properly

What is a good inexpensive lacrosse shaft?

Warrior makes a fair amount of inexpensive shafts that seem to hold up real well

Could you put an STX Bionic Lacrosse head on a Warrior Platinum shaft?

yes, you can but you might have too put some force into putting it on the shaft because the shaft has differant ridges but it will still fit "legally".