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I cannot imagine such a situation.

Only a player may score a goal. A substitute, or starter, only becomes a player once they step onto the field.

So it appears to be a logical impossibility that a person who has not stepped onto the field can score a goal.

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Q: Who is the only footballer to have scored a goal without ever touching the pitch?
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Who was the first footballer to have scored a goal without even touching the pitch?

Why do you need to know? It was Ricky Davidson

Where did fabrice muamba collapse?

Hes a footballer he collapsed on the football pitch

Why in soccer do they have to throw in?

A team is given a throw in when the ball exits the pitch on the wings after touching a member of the opposing team last. The throw must be over the head, with two hands on the ball, and two feet touching the floor as the ball is released. A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw in.

How do the press view zindine zidane?

Zinadine Zidane the French footballer , was a very popular footballer, both on and of the pitch, and the press respected him greatly.

Where does the ball have to be to score a goal in soccer?

A goal can be scored from anywhere on the pitch, even an opposing team's goal kick can count as a goal if it goes in. There are a few scenarios where a goal cannot be allowed - if a ball goes in from a throw-in without touching a player it cannot stand as a goal. If a goal is scored from an indirect free kick without being taken as such, it does not count. To be counted as a goal, the entire ball needs to cross the goal line, in between the two posts and underneath the crossbar.

Is hit by pitch scored BB?

No, BB is for a base on balls or walk. Hit by pitch would be HBP.

What is the furthest distance a free kick has been scored?

from the other side of the pitch. paul robinson.

Who are the Players who have scored from second on a passed ball or wild pitch?

Jacolby Elsbury of the Red Sox

If there is a runner on third base and the pitcher throws a wild pitch does the batter receive an RBI is it scored as a WP with an RBI or just a WP?

it is scored a wp the batter doesn't get RBI

Have drogba and Torres scored when both on pitch?

Now they have. (UEFA CL Finals, 2012) 88" Finally.

If a batter is hit by a pitch and he did not try to avoid getting hit what is the call?

it is scored a ball and the at bat continues

What does the phrase off the mark mean in cricket?

It means that the batsman has scored his first run since coming on the pitch.

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