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Now they have. (UEFA CL Finals, 2012) 88" Finally.

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Q: Have drogba and Torres scored when both on pitch?
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Who is better Torres v Drogba?

As they are both strikers, their main purpose of being is the number of goals they score, so that is the measure we should use to compare them; In his 5.5 seasons at Chelsea, Didier Drogba has scored 69 Premier League goals in 152 appearances, for a strike rate of 0.45. In his 2.5 seasons at Liverpool, Fernando Torres has scored 50 Premier League goals in 72 appearances, a strike rate of 0.69. On the basis of goals scored and strike rate, Fernando Torres is better than Didier Drogba. Of course this comparison is only valid for Torres fans who have no interest in objectivity, as the comparisons are clearly invalid. Drogba's stats have been taken from the entirety of his PL career, but Torres stats only include his figures from Liverpool, for whom he has not been playing for two seasons. As is well know, his strike rate ar Chelsea is abysmal, and cannot compare to Drogba's, which is why the latter has consistently been selected over the former. Drogba started the ECL Final, and scored the winning goal, whilst Torres started on the bench. This says much about their comparative abilities. Whilst Torred may have been comparable at his peak - although, frankly, the two are entirely different in their individual qualities - Drogba has never endured a drought of two seasons, and unless Torres ever shows his prior form he is clearly behind Drogba.

How many league goals has Chelsea ace Didier Drogba scored against Arsenal this season?

Drogba scored twice in both of the Arsenal fixtures in the 2009/10 season, for a season total against Arsenal of 4.

Who has scored more goals between Samuel eto'o and didier drogba?

Samuel Eto'o. Eto'o scored 293 club goals + 55 Cameroon goals = 348 goals. Drogba scored 252 club goals + 62 Ivory Coast goals = 314 goals. They are both legends anyway.

Is Didier Drogba better than Fernando Torres?

It depends on how you want to compare the two players. For instance :In the 2008 - 2009 Premier League season,Fernando Torres made a total of 24 Appearances for Liverpool, scoring a total of 14 goals,Didier Drogba made a total of 24 Appearances for Chelsea, scoring a total of 4 goals.In other cup competitions,Fernando Torres made 14 Appearances ( FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League ) scoring 3 goals,Didier Drogba made 18 Appearances ( FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League ) scoring 9 goals.Now if you add up the total games played and goals scored for both players in the 2008 - 2009 season, it would be as follows ;Fernando Torres - 38 Appearances / 17 Goals, with a ratio of 1 goal every 2.23 games,Didier Drogba - 42 Appearances / 14 Goals, with a ratio of 1 goal every 3 games.So far this season ( 2009 - 2010 ), Torres has scored a total of 8 goals in 8 games, and Drogba has scored 6 goals in 9 games.Therefore statistically, Torres was better than Drogba in the 2008 - 2009 season, and he is pipping him in the goal ratio this season with 1 goal, every game.Although a lot of this answer can be based on individuals opinions, as each player is excellent in their own right.

Is Rooney better than drogba?

Both are good players

Is ronaldo better than drogba?

They are both good in their own ways Drogba has strength, speed and skill, while Ronaldo has speed , trickery.

Who is better drogba or fabregas?

Here both are good, but Drogba is a striker , fabregas is a midfielder, so he scores less goals and provides more.

Who is the best player at Chelsea?

This is my opinion it is between Frank Lampard and Dider drogba, both are top scorers in the E.P.L. But Drogba has been on top for years.

Who is better among anelka and drogba?

Definitely Drogba he simply has more power and accuracy in my opinion. I also like both of them because they are on Chelsea.GO CHELSEA

What are names of Fernando Torres parents?

Fernando Torres' parents are named Flori and Jose Torres and they are both Spanish.

How many goals did Liverpool score in added time in 2008-09 season?

Liverpool scored a total of 12 goals in the 90th minute of games (the official time of any goals scored in extra time) and had two scored against them. Leading proponents of the late goal are Gerrard and Torres who both scored three goals that season in the 90th minute.

Who is better Samuel eto'o or didier drogba?

i think Ali mubarez is better then both .........

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