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it is scored a ball and the at bat continues

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Q: If a batter is hit by a pitch and he did not try to avoid getting hit what is the call?
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Is it true that the pitcher used to pitch the way the batter wanted?

Until the 1887 MLB season, a batter could call for a pitch to be thrown high or low.

Can an umpire call a batter out without a pitch being thrown?

Yes. If a batter refuses to enter the batter's box, he is out. A batter is also out if someone else already in the lineup bats in their spot.

Does a batter have to call time or can he just back out?

A batter must request and then be given time from the home plate umpire. If the batter backs out of the batter's box without time being called the pitch is legal and valid.

If a batter is hit by a pitch after the ball hits his bat while trying to get out of the way of the pitch and not swinging or bunting at it does the batter go to first base?

No. If the ball hits the batter's bat first there can be no call of hit by pitched ball. Added: It is actually a foul ball and a strike.

Pitched ball hits ground then batter?

If the ball hits the ground in play then it hits the batter it is call a hit by pitch and the batter will take first base ... You can also hit the ball as it bounces off the ground ...

How long does a batter have to be in the box and ready for next pitch in fastpitch softball?

10 seconds from the time the pitcher has the ball in the circle. This rule is seldom ever enforced. The only way you will ever get this call is for the pitcher to get on the rubber and ready to pitch which will show a delay by the batter.

Who can call time in baseball?

Anybody, even a manager, can REQUEST that time be called. However, it is entirely at the discretion of the umpire on whether play can, indeed, be suspended. For instance, if a batter steps out of the box and requests that "Time" be called, but the umpire thinks the batter is simply stalling, the umpire can refuse to call "Time" and instruct the pitcher to pitch. If the batter is out of the box, every pitch done by the pitcher is considered a strike.

The batter hits the ball over the fence and a balk was called what happens?

A balk is called before the pitch -- therefor anytime a balk is called it is a no pitch. I guess if there is a situation where the umpires allow the pitcher to finish a pitch, yet still call a balk and the batter hits the ball then nothing would happen -- this would be similar to a pitch thrown when umpire grants timeout before hand. When the balk is called the runners will advance 1 base -- if there is no runners on, then there is no reason for the umpire to call a balk, it would just be an illegal pitch, which is still a live ball in play --- the batter can swing if he wants, but if he decides not to the pitch is a ball no matter if it crosses in the strike zone or not

What do you call a softball throw?

i call it a throw. when you pitch the softball its called a pitch.

If a pitcher throws a pitch into the dirt in front of the plate and it crosses the plate in the strike zone is it a strike if the batter doesn't swing?

Technically yes, but no umpires ever call it because it violates the spirit of a strike as a "good pitch to hit".

What is the scientific name for how high or low a note is?

in music we call this "pitch" in science we call it "frequency"

What is catchers interference?

Catcher's Interference is an Umpire's call due to the Catcher making some type of contact with either the batter or his bat during a pitch or does other actions to interfere with a batter's ability to hit the oncoming pitched ball however an Umpire can only call Catcher's Interference as long as the batter is in a legal position while in the batter's box and in the event of Catcher's Interference being called the batter is awarded first base automatically and the runners advanced only if forced to.

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