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Jacolby Elsbury of the Red Sox

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Q: Who are the Players who have scored from second on a passed ball or wild pitch?
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Most hits in 1 inning by a single team?

18 - Chicago vs. Detroit, September 6, 1883, 7th inning. Since 1893: Cincinnati vs. Houston, August 3, 1989, 1st inning. REDS 1ST: Duncan walked; Duncan stole second; On a bunt Quinones singled to pitcher [Duncan to third]; Davis singled to center [Duncan scored, Quinones to second]; Griffey homered [Quinones scored, Davis scored]; Roomes singled to shortstop; Benzinger singled to right [Roomes to third]; Reed singled to right [Roomes scored, Benzinger to second]; FORSCH REPLACED CLANCY (PITCHING); Oester doubled to right [Benzinger scored, Reed to third]; Forsch threw a wild pitch [Reed scored, Oester to third]; Browning grounded out (first unassisted); Duncan doubled to right [Oester scored]; Quinones singled to left [Duncan to third]; Davis singled to center [Duncan scored, Quinones to second]; Griffey singled to center [Quinones scored, Davis to third]; Roomes singled to third [Davis stayed at third, Griffey to second]; Benzinger doubled to right [Davis scored, Griffey scored, Roomes scored]; Reed singled to center [Benzinger to third]; Oester singled to right [Benzinger scored, Reed to second]; Browning singled to left [Reed to third, Oester to second]; Duncan flied to left; Quinones flied to right; 14 R, 16 H, 0 E, 3 LOB. Astros 0, Reds 14.

What are the most runs ever scored in an inning after two out bases empty?

12, Brooklyn Dodgers scored 12 runs against the Cincinnati Reds in the 8th inning with none on base and 2 outs, on August 8, 1954.DODGERS 8TH: JUDSON REPLACED GREENGRASS (PITCHING); BRIDGESREPLACED BORKOWSKI (PLAYING SS); Hodges tripled to right;Furillo hit a sacrifice fly to right [Hodges scored]; Gilliamgrounded out (second to first); 2 OUTS: Campanella was walkedintentionally; Labine walked [Campanella to second]; Hoak walked[Campanella to third, Labine to second]; Reese reached on anerror by Harmon [Campanella scored (unearned), Labine scored(unearned) (no RBI), Hoak to third, Reese to second (on throw)];COLLUM REPLACED JUDSON (PITCHING); Snider walked; Robinsonsingled to right [Hoak scored (unearned), Reese scored(unearned), Snider scored (unearned)]; AMOROS RAN FOR ROBINSON;Hodges doubled [Amoros to third]; Furillo singled to center[Amoros scored (unearned), Hodges scored (unearned)]; Gilliamwas hit by a pitch [Furillo to second]; Campanella singled toleft [Furillo scored (unearned), Gilliam to second]; Labinewalked [Gilliam to third, Campanella to second]; SMITH REPLACEDCOLLUM (PITCHING); Hoak homered (unearned) [Gilliam scored(unearned), Campanella scored (unearned), Labine scored(unearned)]; Reese walked; Snider singled to right [Reese tosecond]; Amoros walked [Reese to third, Snider to second];FOWLER REPLACED SMITH (PITCHING); Hodges flied to center; 13 R(1 ER), 7 H, 1 E, 3 LOB. Reds 5, Dodgers 20.

Number of players in a football team?

there is 11 players on the pitch for each team in a football game unless red carded.

Who was the first footballer to have scored a goal without even touching the pitch?

Why do you need to know? It was Ricky Davidson

Why do world cup referees wear different colors?

Because they need to distinguish themselves from the players on the pitch to avoid interfering in play.

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Is a wild pitch that advances the runner to second and eventually scores an unearned run?

A wild pitch is considered part of pitching, and therefore a wild pitch contributing to a run does not make that run unearned. Had the runner advanced on a passed ball, or on an error on the pitcher, the run would be unearned, assuming that the run would not have scored anyway had the inning played out the way it did (this sometimes involves a judgment call by the official scorer). For example, if the runner reached second on a passed ball, scored on a single, and there were no further hits in the inning, the run would be unearned. However if after reaching second on the passed ball there were a pair of singles, or an extra base hit, the run probably would be scored as an earned run.

Is a passed ball from a catcher considered an error?

If the play is scored as a passed ball it is an error. It should only be scored a passed ball/wild pitch if a runner advances, or on the third strike the batter reaches first base safely. The scoring is sometimes a judgment call. Some statisticians are more strict on calling it a passed ball or wild pitch.

How many players in soccer have scored from the centre of the soccer pitch?

Only 3 players have scored from the half-way line is soccer since 1950. Xavi Alonso for Liverpool( EPL 2008) and Hugo Roddelega(EPL 2010) for Wigan and Maradona for Argentina. ( International '79)

What is official scoring when runner is thrown out trying to advance on passed ball or wild pitch?

It's ruled "caught stealing," and scored 2-6 if the catcher throws to the shortstop, 2-4 if the catcher throws to the second baseman, etc.

If a run is scored via a fielders choice is it earned?

No. A run is only unearned if an error or passed ball (but NOT wild pitch) results in a run scoring that would not have scored (in the official scorer's judgment) had the play been made cleanly.

How many players on a hockey pitch?

11 players

How many players are in a team on the pitch for the FIFA World Cup?

There 11 players on the pitch: 1 goalkeeper and 10 outfield players

Why does there have to be eleven players on the pitch in football?

It's traditon to have 11 players on a football pitch so that there can be enough players to compete in a game.

How many players can soccer have?

There can only be 11 players on the pitch.

What is a passed ball?

Passed BallA pitch that should have been fielded by the catcher but was missed, allowing a runner to advance a base.Note: this is not the same thing as a wild pitch, which is scored as the pitchers fault.I presume you mean "passed ball." This is a ball that gets past the catcher when thrown by the pitcher, when the catcher should have caught it. It is distinct from a wild pitch, which is one where the pitcher, not the catcher, is considered to have been at fault. The distinction between the two have no effect on the final score. The decision on whether a ball is a wild pitch or a passed ball is made by the official scorer at the game.

How many players on field?

Each team has 11 players on the pitch, and since there are 2 teams, that means there are 22 players on the pitch plus 1 referee.

What is the minimum number of players on the pitch in football?

there are 11 players on a professional side but there can be 5,7 and 9 a side as well So if you are professional there are 22 players on a pitch

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