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If there is a runner on first base and less than 2 outs, and on the third strike to the batter the catcher misses the ball entirely, the batter is still out and the catcher is credited with the putout.

If a runner is one first base with less then 2 outs, a missed 3rd strike is not officially recorded as a putout by the catcher as there is nowhere for the runner to go as the batter cannot advance in this situation. The only time a catcher or any other position player can get a put out without touching the ball is in the case of runner-interference -

- i.e. The batter pops up a ball a runner (either the batter or a guy from 3rd) runs into the catcher, not allowing him a chance to make a play on the ball -- the runner would be called out and the catcher would be credited with the out) -- another scenerio would be a bunt or swinging bunt where the batter makes contact with the ball in fair territory (not in batters box) -- this would be a batted ball touched by a base runner in fair territory -- the batter would be out, with the recorded out going to the closest position player (in this scenerio, that would be the catcher)

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Q: When an a catcher get credit for a putout without touching the ball?
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Does a strikeout count as a put out?

Yes. A catcher gets credited with the putout on a strikeout if the ball is caught cleanly. In the event of a dropped third strike, if the catcher tags the hitter, he again gets credited with the putout. If the third strike is dropped and the catcher must throw down to first, the catcher gets credited with an assist and the first baseman gets credited with the putout. In no case would the pitcher get credit for the putout or assist. Source: MLB Official Rule 10.09b

In baseball when a batter strikeouts who gets credit for the out The pitcher or catcher?

MLB Rule 10.09b-4 is pretty unambiguous: The official scorer shall credit an automatic putout to the catcher when a: ... (4) batter is called out for being touched by his own batted ball;

Is a pitcher or catcher credited with a putout on a strikeout?

The pitcher is credited with a strikeout. The catcher is credited with the putout, unless the batter-runner has to be retired at first base with a throw from the catcher. In that case, the catcher would get an assist and the base man covering first would get the putout.Source(s):Senior League Baseball World Series information director; Official Baseball Rules: 10.09(b)(1), 10.10(b)(1), 10.15(a)

Does a pitcher get credit for a strikeout if a runner gets to first base via the third strike drop rule?

Yes. If the runner reaches first base, it is usually due to an error on the catcher's part, so the scoring is 'K' for strikeout but 'E2' for the catcher dropping the ball. If the catcher recovers in time, then again the 'K' for strikeout is accompanied by '2-3' for the actual putout at first base.

Who is credited with a put out when a batters is called out for hitting a pitch while out of the batters box?

In general, if a player is called out, but not due to a fielder touching the ball, then the fielder closest to the ball at that time gets credit for the putout. This includes when a batter bats in an illegal manner -- even when he bats out of order.

If the catcher drops the third strike and the batter is safe at first base is that an error on the catcher?

No, it is just recorded as a strikeoutYES ... It's scored a strikeout and a 2-3 put out ...Correction:Strikeouts are credited as putouts by the catcher According to Rule 10.09(b)(2)According to Rule 10.15(a)(2&3) a strike out is credited when a 3rd strike is dropped, thus, I suppose it would be a putout technically, however, it would not go down as 2-3 (this would give the putout to the 1st basemen)

If a catcher is credited with a putout on a strikeout does the pitcher get an assist as most stat programs do not give assists in this instance?

The pitcher does not get an assist unless the batter strikes out and the ball bounces to the pitcher, who throws the ball to the catcher, who tags out the runner.

Who gets credit for making the out when a batter is out of order?

By MLB rule, the fielders that made the putout/assist on the incorrect batter shall be given the putout/assist for the correct batter. If the incorrect batter reaches base, the putout is given to the catcher. MLB Rule 10.3(d) states ... "When a player bats out of turn and is put out, and the proper batter is called out before the ball is pitched to the next batter, the official scorer shall charge the proper batter with a time at bat and score the putout and any assists the same as if the correct batting order had been followed. If an improper batter becomes a runner and the proper batter is called out for having missed his turn at bat, the official scorer shall charge the proper batter with a time at bat, credit the putout to the catcher and ignore everything entering into the improper batter's safe arrival on base. If more than one batter bats out of turn in succession, the official scorer shall score all plays just as they occur, skipping the turn at bat of the player or players who first missed batting in the proper order."

Can a catcher get an assist on a drop third strike?

yes...if he cannot place a tag on the batter, he can then make the throw to first base, thus the putout is 2-3.

Does a strike out count as an at bat in fast pitch softball?

A putout is a fielding statistic. In the case of a strikeout, the putout is credited to the catcher.

What is a putout in baseball?

A putout in baseball is the person who has the ball when the out is made. example: on a strike out the putout goes to the catcher on a ground out to the 1st baseman the 1st baseman gets the putout on a flyout the one who catches the ball gets the putout

What were the fielding stats for baseball player Buck Ewing playing at catcher for the Cleveland Spiders in 1893?

Buck Ewing played in just one game at catcher for the Cleveland Spiders in 1893 and did not start. He made one putout, had no assists, and committed one error, equivalent to 1 errors per game (estimate based on total games played in). He had no double plays.