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A rotational hitter will hit a Baseball harder with a heavier bat. This is because if they have enough bat speed, it will have a greater force pushing the baseball the other way.

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Q: What will hit a baseball further a light bat or a heavy bat?
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What bat hits further a heavy bat or a light bat?

A heavy bat, but you have to be able to swing it fast by using your lower body.

Which will hit the ball farther - a heavy or light baseball bat?

In general, a heavier bat will hit a ball further than a lighter bat. It all depends on the speed of the bat. There is more torque in heavier bat swung at the same speed as a lighter one.

How many kilograms does a baseball bat weigh?

As long as the bat is solid wood and has no tape or pine tar or Stickum further up the bat handle than 18 inches and is no longer than 42 inches and not more than 2.61 inches in diameter at its thickest part, its ok. Some batters like a light bat, down to about 26 ounces, some batters like a heavy bat, up to about 54 ounces.

What damages an aluminum baseball bat?

Big, heavy items like a heavy, metal baseball bat. Bricks work just as well.

How heavy is a baseball bat?


Does the mass of a baseball bat relate to the distance the baseball travels?

Yes, as does, of course, the strength of the swing. Too heavy of a bat will result in a weaker swing. Every batter has their own specific bat mass that allows them to hit the ball further according to their swinging abilities. It can take quite a bit of time and investigation for a player to determine which bat is right for them.

What hits a baseball further a heavy bat or a light bat?

The weight of the bat matters a little but nota lot. You want a light bat because you can swing it not a heavy bat then you cant swing it. Also what are you a contact hitter, power hitter, or more of a bunter? If you are a power hitter use an Exogrid or an Omaha. If you are a contact hitter than you would want to use a Stealth or Triton. If you are a bunter than you should get a good magazine or book then stay home on the couch. This is a bulls**t answer! I want the physics. Same person swinging, obviously can swing a lighter bat faster, but more mass in a heavier bat. Come on nerds, I need empirical evidence.

Does an aluminum bat or an metal bat hit a baseball further?

of course an aluminum bat would!!

What is a short heavy stick or club?

a baseball bat ?

In table tennis if you hit the ball hard do you need a light or heavy bat?

simply answers please just answer Heavy or Light

Does mass of a baseball bat affect the distance of the baseball?

Actually, I believe that a greater determinant of distance is bat speed. The greater the bat speed the further the ball will travel.

Which baseball bat will make the baseball go further plastic or wooden?


What baseball bat hits farthest?

Typically a lite weight aluminum bat will hit a ball further than a wood bat.

How far will a metal baseball bat make a ball go?

It goes further than a wooden bat.

Does the mass of a baseball bat react to the distance the baseball travels?

yes, because the heavier the bat is, the more weight you swing behind the ball and the further the baseball travels

Does the weight of a baseball bat effect how far a baseball will travel in the air?

it all depends on the person swinging the bat. if a strong person is swinging a heavy bat the ball will travel farther due to the larger mass of the bat.

When was the wood baseball bat made?

When they found out that granite bats were too heavy.

Does a baseball get hit farther by a composite bat or a metal bat?

Metal bats hit the ball further which is why at unprofessional levels of baseball they use metal but when you get to the MLB you have to use wood.

How heavy a bat can you use in Major League Baseball?

There are no restrictions to the weight of a bat used by a major league batter. However, the bat may be no longer than 42 inches.

Does the mass of a baseball bat determine how far a baseball will travel?

Yes but it would go farther if you used a light weight bat because it is based on bat speed the faster you swing the bat the farther it goes.

Does a baseball go further than a softball when hit by a metal bat?

When hitting a softball you can hear the tink off of the bat. When you hit a baseball you hear kind of a slap and therefore when you hit a baseball goes farther.

Does a baseball go further when hit by a wood plastic or medal bat?

I think metal.

What is -2 on a baseball bat?

Anytime that you have -2 or -any number, all it means is that you subtract that amount from the length of the bat; and it'll tell you how heavy the bat is. Let's say you have a 33" bat and it says -10, that means that the bat is 23 oz.

Can you hit a baseball further with a wood or aluminum bat?

With an aluminum bat the ball travels farther than with a wooden bat the metal bat also has a larger exit speed witch is why it's illegal in the MLB.

What is the value of a Louisville Slugger Hillerich and Bradsby 102 baseball bat?

I am not familiar with the Louisville slugger 102 baseball bat. it is probably an inexpensive store model bat. Without a player endorsement the bat will have little collectors value. Condition, size, age, and any vintage baseball bat features will be a factor in pricing the bat as well.If you contact me with further details of your bat I could help you out. You can visit the link I left below to help you date your bat.

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