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Q: Which baseball bat will make the baseball go further plastic or wooden?
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Why Did They Change The Thomas Tank Wooden Track?

you mean from wooden to plastic? it's cheaper to make in plastic

How far will a metal baseball bat make a ball go?

It goes further than a wooden bat.

Why do Major League Baseball players only use wooden bats?

it is a rule. if they used aluminum it would not be safe aluminum bats make the ball go faster and further to make it more fair and safe there are wooden bats only.

Which material was used to make a bicycle pump?

Metals, plastic, maybe even a wooden handle.

What are the dangers of using plastic sleds?

One of the dangers of using a plastic sled, is that plastic sleds can break much more easier than wooden sleds. Plastic sleds can also go much faster than wooden sleds, which make it a little bit more dangerous.

Why is metal used to make spoons?

Because they will last lots longer than plastic or wooden ones.

Are plastic reeds better than wooden ones?

Plastic Reeds are better than Wooden ones for Marching Band, but they make you sound a little different. Most people say more "hollow", but i would only use a Plastic reed if you are in marching band, and use Wood reeds for everything else. I say Wooden Ones are Better.

Suggest a reason why many frying pans have plastic handles?

Cheaper and easier to make than wooden ones.

How do you make a scepter?

To make a scepter, start with a plastic or wooden rod. Add a sphere to the top of the rod, paint it, and decorate it with jewels and adornments.

Are wooden toys more expensive then plastic toys?

Definitely, I would think wooden toys more expensive than plastic toys. Toys used wood is more environmental friendly than plastic, also labour is more expensive than using machine to make toys.

Who made plastic baseball bats?

There are a number of companies that make plastic baseball bats. These include Cramer, Markwort, Champion, as well as Louisville.

What is the name of tool used to make baseball bats?

Wooden bats are made on a lathe.

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