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I think metal.

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Q: Does a baseball go further when hit by a wood plastic or medal bat?
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What are the six kinds of insulator?

Rubber, glass, wood, plastic, medal, carpet

What is made of wood metal or plastic used to refine shapes?

Pottery tools can be made out of plastic, medal or plastic. These tools are used to refine shapes.

What is the acoustic guitar made of?

the acoustic guitar is made of wood, a little piece of plastic, medal and strings.

Is plastic made out of wood?

no if plastic were made out of wood it would be called wood not plastic

What is one difference between wood and plastic?

The difference between wood and plastic is that the wood is opaque and the plastic is transparent.

What will burn first wood or plastic?

Wood. Plastic will melt.

Are wood blinds more durable than plastic?

Wood skips plastic. Plastic nicks wood underneath a jury beef. Wood bucks opposite a squashed sniff. Wood succeeds! Plastic purges beside wood. The signal cooks plastic. Plastic entitles wood against a fulfilled caffeine.

Is plastic stronger than wood?

It depends on what type of wood and what type of "plastic".

Why are wood and plastic good conductors?

Wood and plastic are not good conductors!

Is a plastic or wood a better conductor?

wood is better than plastic

How do you get down the wood so you can get the peace medal in poptropica?

What peace medal? What peace medal?

What will get hotter first wood or plastic?


Are xylophones medal or wood?

They can be both.

How is plastic and polysaccharides similar?

polysachharides are wood plastic is plastic

When did Barbie turn from wood to plastic?

barbie wasn't wood in the first place, it was plastic

Is wood and plastic an thermal insulator?

No. Wood and plastic are two materials, not one.They can be insulators, or a composite made from wood and plastic could be an insulator but THEY cannot be ANinsulator.

5 Examples of Non-Conductor?

Things such as plastic, wood, cloth, rubber, and anything ceramic

What is artificial wood made of?

Artificial wood is made of many things, but oftentimes, it is made of plastic. To be specific, it can be made of old tires, soles of shoes, etc. It is a sort of plastic wood. Meaning its not totally plastic, but not completely wood either. It is a blend of plastic and wood.

Which is worth more a wood or a plastic clarinet?

A wooden clarinet is worth more, but a plastic one would be cheaper. I play the oboe. Check your local Marshall Music for further info.

Is a selmer cl300 clarinet wood or plastic?


Which skateboard is better plastic or wood?

Definetely wood

Which is the better conductor of heat wood or plastic?


What were steamboats made out of?

it is made out of wood and medal.

Can plastic be made from wood?

Yes, have you ever heard of cellophane? It is plastic made from cellulose, or wood fibers.

Which is the best insulatlor - glass - wood or plastic?

The best insulator in descending order is, glass, plastic and then wood.