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Runners like to eat a heavy carb diet before they have a race to run, they do not eat dairy because it is really hard to digest. Right before a race lots of runners like to eat bananas so they will not get leg cramps.

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Q: What should track runners eat before a race?
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Does spaghetti help runners the day before a race?


Why are the starting positions of a runner ina race track staggered?

The inside of a race track is smaller than the outside. They are staggered so the runners all run the same distance.

How many laps do runners run on a quarter mile track in the 10000 meter race?

24.85 laps

How running track is played?

How track works is they call out the next events and the runners start on the starting line. A starter gun is shot and the runners run a specific number of laps. The runner who beats the rest wins the race.

How many laps do runners run on a quarter mile track in the 5000 meter race?

12 and a half laps

How do they keep track of the runners at the checkpoints of a marathon?

All runners are assigned a number at the start of the race. When a runner passes a checkpoint the number is checked on a list. This way the runners don't have to stop to put their names down.

How many runners in an olympic relay race?

there is 12 runners in an olympic relay race

When running a long distance meter race in track and field must the runners only stay in one lane?

No, once a race is over one lap the athletes will cut-in.

What is the sentence of runners?

All the runners were ready for the race.

How many runners in a relay race?

4 runners

Do marathon runners poop on themselves?

Sometimes. Most runners take care to use the restroom before starting the race. On some occasions, runners have dropped out of the race, temporarily, to use the facilities provided along the race course. Some few incontinent runners will wear special undergarments to avoid embarrassment, although this is hard to disguise in most professional running apparel.

What is a race where runners pass a baton?

A relay race.