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you would be working with other softball players

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Q: What kind of people would you be working with to be a pro softball player?
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Who is physically fit a basketball player or a softball player?

a basketball player because in my opinion they definitely move around much more than a softball player. i know this because i am a basketball and softball player and i would say that you move more and quicker than you would in softball

Who is the worst softball player?

i would say you hah i mean me i suck

Can you play softball with a belly ring?

I don't see how, or why you would want to. Most people use a softball.

How is Deaf softball diffierent then normal softball?

they would give a lot more hand signels than talking to the player at bat or in the field

What people would like softball?

people who like soft things like sponges and stuff!

Which would go farer football or softball?


Would you rather pick softball or the fair?

i would pick softball cause if you haven't played which i haven't played so i would pick softball

What size softball bat would you get if you are 5 foot 3?

A bat for that size of player would be a 31" depending on the weight.

How much does a softball player in Japan get paid a year?

I would say no more than 100,000 and you would have to be amazing to get that much

How long do you freeze a softball for?

why would you want to freeze a softball...?

What would best represent the cytoplasm in softball?

the fans would represent the cytoplasm in softball game

How did Jennie Finch make a difference in life?

Jennie Finch is considered one of the best softball players in the world. In fact my mit is a Jennie Finch mit. She of coursed made a difference in softball but depending on what softball means to you, is what she made a difference in. If you ask a football player "What does the great softball player Jennie Finch mean to you?" They would most likely say "Who?" Or "HUH?"

Why do you think you would enjoy working in our stores at spar?

i would enjoy working at this store because i enjoy working with people

When do you use a black softball?

i dont think you would ever use a black softball

Why not play softball?

softball is a really tough sport if you would not want to get hurt i would inform you not to play, if you play you may get hit by a softball alot, and if you want to play... just be prepared

Would you capitalise a sport used in this sentence Johnny completed a successful unit on Softball or is it softball?

It should be "Johnny completed a successful unit on softball" since softball is not a proper noun.

Why would you need a softball bat in combat?

You would need a softball bat in combat if there is no other weapon available. A softball bat is useful in combat because of the length of the bat and the hardness of the bat.

Does Texas Christian have a softball program?

Unfortunately, no. Hopefully they will adopt softball within the next year or two. I would LOVE to play softball at TCU!

Define the word bag in softball?

Saying the 'bag' in softball is referencing the base. It could be any of the bases (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or Home). "He never touched the bag" would mean the player never touched the base.

If I am more energized when I work around people how would I answer this question...... Are you more energized by working with people or completing a task?

It's a Catch 22 question. If you are energized by working with people, you can't work by yourself. If completing a task is more important, you may not be a team player. I personally would cover both. Something like, While I enjoy working with people to get a job done, if needed, I can function on my own to do it.

What is the radius of a 12-inch softball?

6 inches because the 12-inch softball would be the diameter.

Why is the softball bigger than the baseball?

A softball is bigger than a baseball because the field is smaller and doesn't have grass to slow the ball down. If softball players used baseballs, then the game would be considerably more dangerous. The balls would travel so fast people would be getting a lot more than they are now, causing more injuries.

Why would you be interested in working in a doctors?

One reason you would be interested in working in a doctors office is because you like to help people. Many people feel compassion for people who are ill and want to help them and working in a doctors office allows them to do this.

Which travels farther an eleven inch softball or a twelve inch softball?

i would say a eleven inch due to the fact that it is lighter. but i am no mathmatician, just a lover of softball. HELP PUT SOFTBALL BACK IN THE OLYPMICS!!!!

Why do baseball players not use a softball?

Because of the size of the field that baseball is played on, the use of a softball would be irrational.