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a Basketball player because in my opinion they definitely move around much more than a softball player. i know this because i am a basketball and softball player and i would say that you move more and quicker than you would in softball

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Q: Who is physically fit a basketball player or a softball player?
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What are the physical benefits of playing basketball?

You stay physically fit and it prevents obesity.

Why do basketball players need to be physically fit?

They can't play very well if they aren't.

What's good about being in the basketball team?

You get more physically fit , and it helps your confidece.

What benefits can you get in playing basketball?

There are so many benefits that you can get in playing basketball. This allows you to be physically fit, it provides a platform for a career in basketball and may also provide scholarships for students among others.

Pros and cons of playing basketball?

There are generally no cons to playing basketball. Unless you are not physically fit and don't like contact or to run, basketball is a fun sport. Most kids tend to point to basketball as their first sport.

Who is more physically fit a professional ballet dancer or a professional football player?

a football player

What math classes are required to become a basketball player?

u don't need to go to math classes to required basketball player you need to go to training and be fit

How do you define physically fit?

the physically fit is a to become a fat!...

What does physically fit mean?

Physically fit means that your body is healthy and strong

How did basketball affect culture?

Basketball has made a major contribution to fashion through areas such as exercise gear and sneakers. The sport also influences fans as well as athletes to be physically fit for professional and amateur leagues.

If your physically fit are you mentally fit?

No, the body and mind are two separate entities, however they do go hand in hand. But because you are physically fit it does not mean you are mentally fit.

What it means to be physically fit and healthy?

fit: how long one can do a physically tiring activity, and physically healthy: is keeping yourself able to do those activities.

What physical abilities does it take to play basketball?

To play basketball, you must have endurance. The game is a fast-paced, 48 minute affair that is not easy to play. You must also be fit enough to jump high (for rebounds), stop your opponent physically, etc.

What is the cure to the person who is physically and mentally fit?

If they are physically and mentally fit then there is nothing that needs to be cured.

How do you consider that a person is physically fit?

You can determine is physically fit by seeing how long they can do an activity before tiring out.

What is physically fit?

Being physically fit means to have your body in a state of all around wellness. Physically fit is when your body has a low fat percentage, chemical balances are good, and all functions of the body are working well.

Which sports is the best choice for a person who is not physically fit?

Every sport requires a person to be physically fit because all of them require running or constant movement. Even if you are not physically fit, you can train yourself to be fit for whatever sport you want to try.

Why do the astronauts have to be mentally and physically fit?

If they werent mentally fit, they would have a breakdown, and if they arent physically fit, they couldn't do their work in 0 Gravity. Please Reccomend.

Will a size 5 basketball fit through a 14 inch basketball rim?

It should fit.

When physically fit or your a person with a lower heart rate will it be physically harder and longer to get a target heart rate verses someone less fit?

Yes, it will take longer and more strenuous exercise for someone who is more fit to reach a maximum heart rate than it will for somebody who is not as physically fit. This is because in a physically fit person, the heart is more efficient: it pumps more blood with each heart beat. Usually, the heart of a physically fit person is also larger (which helps them pump more blood.) The blood of a physically fit person also contains more red blood cells, which carry oxygen to tissues in the body.

How physically fit are you?

paining abdomen paus bleeding but mentally fit

What makes a physical fit person?

what makes a physically fit person?

Can a fit girl walk faster than a fit boy if they were racing each other by walking?

it depends on who is more physically stronger and who is physically fitter

Do you have to be physically fit to play soccer?

To play soccer you need to be physically fit. It is one of the roughest sports, and you must have endurance, because you rarely get a break.

How does dancing help people get physically fit?

Dancing helps you get physically fit because it burns a lot of calories. It also strengthens your heart and lungs.