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It is a mixture of Field Hockey's rules and lacrosses rules.

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Q: What kind of hockey rules was there when it was field hockey in Ireland?
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Where do hockey players play?

On the field (best kind), the ice, gym floor, or pavement.

What kind of field do you usually play field hockey on?

Field Hockey, at the higher levels is normally played on a turf field. High schools normally will play on grass.

What kind of games do childrens play in India?

Children in India play cricket and field hockey. Field hockey is more of an popular sport than cricket in India.

Was ice hockey the first type of hockey played?

I believe the first kind of hockey was played on feet, not skates, it was called shinny. They played with some type of wooden block (similar to a puck), or some type of ball. An unlimited amount of people played. The oldest type of hockey is field hockey. There is an ancient Greek frieze depicting two field hockey players at Olympia, Greece.

What kind of game does a hockey player play?

The game of hockey is a very popular sport. The game of hockey requires one to chase a puck around the field with a stick, scoring goals against the opposing team.

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none. that's why it's called STREET hockey

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What kind of stupid question is that you can play hockey anywhere with anything