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none. that's why it's called STREET hockey

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Q: What kind of protective equipment is required for street hockey?
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Related questions

What is the difference between goalie pads for ice hockey and street hockey?

Street hockey pads are not made to withstand extremely cold temperatures and are not made to the higher standards of protective ice hockey equipment.

Is there a difference between roller hockey goalie gloves and street hockey goalie gloves?

No. Roller hockey and street hockey are exactly the same (with the exception that street hockey is sometimes played without roller blades). Therefore, the equipment is the same.

Where can one find street hockey goalie pads?

One can find street hockey goalie pads in a website called GoalieMonkey. This website provides a large selection of goalie equipment for men, women or the youth.

What do you wear when you play hockey?

When you play hockey mostly required equipment is a cage helmet (street or roller hockey) or just a visor helmet for ice hockey (you can also have a cage helmet for ice) Every type of hockey you should have shin guards Have to have hockey gloves Have to have hockey stick obviously Some people recommend having a mouth guard. Some places make you have elbow pads while some don't.

Would it really be that bad to use a street goalie glove and blocker on ice as well as Pro Tour STX 400 on ice?

Floor, street and/or roller hockey equipment are not designed to withstand the cold climates and conditions of ice hockey. Using such unapproved equipment can result in the equipment becoming brittle and shattering, therefore putting the player(s) safety at risk.

Where is the best place to buy roller hockey equipment in Green Bay Wisconsin?

Dicks Sporting Goods ( has a selection of roller hockety equipment. They are located at 811 Pilgrim Way in Green Bay. Dunham's Sports ( also sells roller hockey equipment. They are located at 2779 South Oneida Street in Ashwaubenon.

Is a puck used in ice hockey?

Yes, and posssibly in street hockey (balls are more commenly used in street hockey though).

Do girls usually play street hockey?

Of course!! This falls under the anything you can do, I can do better category. Girls have been playing street hockey for as long as street hockey has been around. TCH>

What types of products does Franklin Sports manufacture?

Franklin Sports manifacture many products for baseball, football, soccer, basketball and street hockey. These products are mostly hats, gloves, balls and protective gear.

How to play shinny?

Shinny (also shinney) is an informal type of hockey played on ice or the street. There are no formal rules or specific positions, and generally, there are no goaltenders. The goal areas at each end may be marked simply by objects, such as blocks of snow, stones, etc. Bodychecking and lifting or "roofing/reefing/raising the puck" (shooting the puck or ball so it rises above the ice) are often forbidden because the players are not wearing protective equipment. It may also be called pick-up hockey, pond hockey, street hockey, road hockey, or "outdoor puck". Shinny is a game that all levels of hockey enthusiasts can play because it requires no rink, requires no skills except ability to hold a stick and at the very least to try to touch the puck or ball when it goes by. Shinny may be completely non-competitive and recreational - scoring irrelevant - or competitive and scores kept.

Why do hockey players have to play on ice?

You don't have to just play on ice,you can play street hockey,Toledo Ohio has a huge street hockey i play in and its real fun. and you can do field hockey,so there are many ways.

Can you use street hockey pads in rollar hockey?

Yes but it is harder to do. I use street ones its kind of hard but you get used to it.

What is the difference between roller hockey inline hockey and skater hockey?

roller incline hockey is called street hockey.stake hockey is called ice hockey

Which on average has more injuries accidents etc ice hockey or street hockey?

Ice hockey

How many types of hockey are there?

Ice hockey, street hockey, feild hockey, floor hockey, air hockey, table hockey, knee hockey, mini hockey, water hockey, under water hockey. 10.

What variations of hockey are there?

Ice Hockey, Street Hockey, and Rollerblade hockey. Im sure there might be another but these are the popular ones.

Kinds of hockey?

1. ice hockey 2.field hockey 3. ball hockey 4. street hockey and by the way hockey SUCKS a** ringette RULES

Who were the Broad street bullies of hockey?

the Broad Street Bullies was the nickname of the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey team during the late 70'2

Hockey pitch diagram?

This is a big pitch, u can have ice hockey, or Field hockey, also street, floor, inline hockey. =]

Different types of hockey?

The most common types of hockey are ice hockey, field hockey, floor hockey, and street hockey. With the exception of field hockey, all of these types of hockey generally follow the same rules.

Will a street hockey stick break in ice hockey?

yes easily because they are made of a much denser wood and are coated with plexi glass I play street and ice hockey and trust me I have done it before!

Roller & Ice Hockey Equipment: Keeping it safe?

Those who have kids are probably familiar with the roller and ice hockey equipment. Other terms used to define this kind of equipment include street hockey and incline hockey. It is amazing how many more people irrespective of their age are getting interested in this sport. Roller hockey is usually played while the players are wearing roller skaters. The game can be played at any place where the surface is smooth. These kinds of surfaces are inclusive of the playgrounds, driveways, empty parking lots and even the street. Roller and ice hockey equipment is designed to offer the players some protection against falls. Similar to ice hockey, roller hockey has got its own set of equipment. These are inclusive of the mask, jerseys, knee pads and helmets. The inline kinds of hockey skates form the foundation of the sport. The game operates on wheels. The roller hockey skates will keep the game going. Similar to ice hockey, strong and firm support is required for the skates. The roller skates hasten the movement of the sport. The wheels usually have got specially made bearings that can be used for durability and fast movements. The prices of these kinds of skates will range form between $ 80 and $ 700. There are some that are even more costly than this. The recommended size of the incline skates is typically a size smaller than usual. It is important to fit the skate before making the purchase. A quarter inch should be the maximum space between the heel back and the skate. The toes should brush on the front within the skate. Roller Hockey Equipment is inclusive of the elbow, knee, shoulder gear and Shin. The game is fast paced and as the sticks swing up and down it can be very dangerous. It is important to have the mentioned equipment in place so as to get protection in case of any injuries or falls. It is worth mentioning that there are some special kind of knees and elbow pads which are very vital while playing roller and ice hockey. It is advisable to purchase a suitable helmet and also a mask that will offer adequate protection against the swinging sticks and flying pucks. It is worth acknowledging the fact that the goal keepers require additional protection as compared to the rest of the players in the game. Good quality equipment can be purchased from most sports shops.

How many people watch hockey over baseball?

It depends on what hockey you are talking about. Are you talking about field hockey, ice hockey, street hockey? Or are you talking about all of them?

Why photovoltaic street lighting system is not recommended for urban area?

for pv street lighting solar panel, battery is required and also maintain-ans. we can not provide that much facility to urban area. because this equipment are so costly .

Can hockey be played on both ice and grass?

No.Just Ice But street hockey is played on cement