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Q: What kind of sports can you do in Canada?
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Related questions

What kind of sports does canada play?

Hockey the most as I know

What kind of sports does Canada have?

There are a lot of sports Canada plays I will tell you about them and those are: fishing, hunting, hockey, baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, curling, rugby, soccer, bowling, and golf. These are all the sports played in Canada. Some sports were invented here for example basketball was invented here.

What kind of sports do people from Vancouver Canada play?

A good amount of people from Vancouver play ice hockey.

What kind of sports do athletic people in Canada play?

Mostly Lacrosse, which is really big up there and also hockey.

What are some sports in Canada?

Some sports in Canada are football, basketball, and hockey.

What are some national sports in Canada?

Hockey and Lacrosse are some of Canada's "national" sports.

What are some sports played in Canada?

Some sports played in Canada are tennis, lacrosse, Skii/snowboard and others. Canada has so many sports played that is hard to name them all.

When was Canada's Sports Hall of Fame created?

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame was created in 1955.

When did Fox Sports World Canada end?

Fox Sports World Canada ended in 2012.

When was Fox Sports World Canada created?

Fox Sports World Canada was created in 2001.

Which sports are bahamian sports?

your mom in canada

What are two official sports in Canada?

Ice hockey and field lacrosse are Canada's two official sports.

What is The Sports Network's motto?

The Sports Network's motto is 'Canada's Sports Leader'.

What kind of sports did babylonians?

what kind of sports did babylonians

How many sports are Canada playing in the Olympics?

10 Sports

What kind of sports can a astronaut play?

Almost all kind of sports. (On the Earth)...... In space, there is no time and/or environment for sports.

5 most popular sports in Canada?

Canada's most popular sports are Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, and snow boarding, and Skiing.

What are the sports of Canada?


How many people play sports in Canada?

It is estimated that more than half of people in Canada play sports on some sort of level. This means that there are nearly 20 million Canadians playing sports.

What are Canada's two national sports?

Both lacrosse and ice hockey are considered national sports in Canada. Although the excel at it, curling is not included in the list.

What kind of website is Sportsexperts?

Sportsexperts Canada is a chain of stores owned by the Forzani Group and focused mostly in Quebec dedicated to cutting edge clothing and footwear with a sports focus.

What kind of sports do canada play?

They mostly play ice hockey...but ive heard some play baseball,soccer,and basketball...thats all I have heard! I hope this helps.

What entertainment does Canada have?

Video Games, Movies, TV, festivals, street parties, racing, boating, hockey and many different kind of sports, even politics can be quite entertaining.

What is the top 5 sports in Canada?

The citizens of Canada play several games. The top five sports are ice hockey, lacrosse, football, curling, and soccer.

What two sports were first played in Canada?

Canada Created Hockey and Lacrosse.