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A lob.

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a smash

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Q: What is the high shot called to get an opponent off the net?
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A high arcing in tennis shot?

Usually called a Lob shot. It is used to either draw your opponent to the back of the court or to hit over him if he is at the net.

What is a shot called that travels just over the net and bounces close to the net in tennis?

A shot that bounces twice very close to the net is called a dropshot.

What is passing shot in tennis?

When your opponent is at the net volleying the ball and you hit a winner past them where they cannot reach.

What are the teaching points of the drop shot in badminton?

A drop shot, usually used after a clear (a far shot to the back of the court), is where the player gently taps the birdie over the net so it makes a player either.... a) hit the birdie high up into the air (a good drop shot is one that you can't smash). b)sprint forwards to try and reach.

What are some ways to pull your opponent off the court in tennis?

Pulling your opponent off the court means that you are making them run either far out wide or far back from the baseline for a shot. This puts your opponent in a defensive position. You always want to strive to put your opponent in a defensive position because then you can swoop in and take charge of the point. Here are some ways to pull your opponent off the court: Try hitting a powerful shot or a wide angle to make your opponent become out of position or pulled off the court. When this happens there is a great chance that your opponent will opt for a high percentage shot by hitting a high floating ball or lob to allow time to get back into position. Run quickly to the net and hit an overhead winner or make them run to the opposite side of the court for your next shot. You can also pull your opponent off the court during a serve. Hit a serve with a topspin or slice angle.

How do you achieve a spike in volleyball?

You jump high enough to clear the net and hit the ball in a downward tragectory towards the floor on the opponent's side of the net.

How do you do a net return shot in badminton?

you can either do a dropshot ideal when opponent at back of court or pitch do a smash so send it flying i.e. hit is as hard as u can or just a lift shot when you do under arm shot

Why is touching the net a foul in badminton?

A shot made at the net to the other side close to the net. Net shots are most effective when it is tight (not high above and not landing too far). Net shots should land as close to the net as possible to make it harder to return.

What is clear or toss shot in badminton?

"The overhead clear shot is the primary return for a deep serve or deep clear from your opponent" Read more: How to Hit an Overhead Clear Shot in Badminton | Basically a shot that has to be hit over one's head

Can a tennis player cross over to the opponent's side?

"A player may break the plane of the net on a follow through from a shot as long as the ball was on that player's side of the court when the ball was struck. (The player can only reach over to play a ball in the situation stated in the paragraph below). The player in either situation may not touch the net, or the opponent's court with anything he wears or carries or with any part of the body. If the spin or wind brings the ball back over the net to the side of the player(s) who hit the shot, the opponent(s) may then reach over the net and play the ball. They may not touch the net or the opponent's court. This is the only situation when a player may reach over the net to play a ball. If the opponent does not play the ball and it bounces on the side of the player who hit the spin shot, that player who hit that shot wins the point." According to the rules, it is perfectly fine for the follow through on a swing of the racquet to cross the net as long as contact with the ball was on the player's side and not on the opponent's side, and contact was not made with the net by the striking player or their racquet. However, one cannot reach across the net to strike a ball that is on the opponent's side of the net except under on circumstance: If the ball originally bounced on the player's side of the net but due to back spin the ball wound up crossing back over the net, it is acceptable to then reach over the net and strike the ball prior to its hitting the ground as long as contact is not made with the net by the striking player's racquet or body.

What are the sports lingo in volley ball?

Some terms include:Let: When the ball hits the net and lands in the service box on a serveHolding up one finger: the ball was outWide/Long: Just as it sounds (out wide, out long, etc)Winner: Any shot in play that is not returned by the opponent (excluding serve)Ace: A serve that is not returned by the opponentDrop shot: A shot that lands right in front of the net on the opponent's side (on purpose)Slice: A ball that is hit with side spin or back spinKick: Generally referring to serves, "kicking" is when the ball jumps, or kicks, up in the airTweener: A shot hit between the legsLob: A ball hit very high

What is especially tricky about the forehand underarm clear in batminton?

the forehand underarm clear is a difficult shot to play for many reasons. Firstly, because it is an underarm shot, the shuttle is likely to be below the net, therefore, when you make contact with the shuttle, it is going to go high over the net, making it easy for your opponent to smash it back down at you. Secondly, the lower you let the shuttle go, the more momentum it looses, making it harder the cear the shuttle to the back of the court with an underarm shot. hope this is useful.