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A lob.

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Q: What is the high shot called to get an opponent off the net?
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A high arcing in tennis shot?

Usually called a Lob shot. It is used to either draw your opponent to the back of the court or to hit over him if he is at the net.

What is a high arching tennis shot?

A lob is a shot which is used in case your opponent is at the net. It is when you hit a high arching ball near the baseline.

When do they use a drop shot in badminton?

When you've pushed your opponent back with a clear for example, a drop shot can be used then. Your drop shot (hopefully) will land close to the net, forcing your opponent to run forward.

What is a shot called that travels just over the net and bounces close to the net in tennis?

A shot that bounces twice very close to the net is called a dropshot.

Why is tennis net lower in middle?

The weight of the net causes it to sag a little in the middle, there no way to prevent this.. The weight of the net has nothing to do with it. The middle of the net is lower to create a better strategy of play - hitting a shot in the middle is an easier shot to return by your opponent than a shot close to the sides. So the lower height in the middle creates a trade-off: up the middle is easier to get the ball over the net but easier for you opponent to hit back. Hitting towards the sides is harder to get over the net but is also harder for your opponent to return.

What is lob in badminton?

Hitting the shuttlecock high over the opponent usually when the opponent is at the net forcing them to the back of the court.

What is passing shot in tennis?

When your opponent is at the net volleying the ball and you hit a winner past them where they cannot reach.

What is clear in badminton?

A clear is when some one hits it to you and you hit it hard to the back of the court up high. This is a good shot for when your opponent is right up close to the net, try and move him around.

Can a racket cross over the net to the opponent's side?

"A player may break the plane of the net on a follow through from a shot as long as the ball was on that player's side of the court when the ball was struck. (The player can only reach over to play a ball in the situation stated in the paragraph below). The player in either situation may not touch the net, or the opponent's court with anything he wears or carries or with any part of the body. If the spin or wind brings the ball back over the net to the side of the player(s) who hit the shot, the opponent(s) may then reach over the net and play the ball. They may not touch the net or the opponent's court. This is the only situation when a player may reach over the net to play a ball. If the opponent does not play the ball and it bounces on the side of the player who hit the spin shot, that player who hit that shot wins the point." According to the rules, it is perfectly fine for the follow through on a swing of the racquet to cross the net as long as contact with the ball was on the player's side and not on the opponent's side, and contact was not made with the net by the striking player or their racquet. However, one cannot reach across the net to strike a ball that is on the opponent's side of the net except under on circumstance: If the ball originally bounced on the player's side of the net but due to back spin the ball wound up crossing back over the net, it is acceptable to then reach over the net and strike the ball prior to its hitting the ground as long as contact is not made with the net by the striking player's racquet or body.

When would the drop shot be used in a game of badminton?

Drop shots are used mostly when your opponent(s) is farther into the court(exception for doubles)and you know that he/she cannot receive it, and even if he does, it would likely be a bad return.Which is best countered with a net kill. When you play a drop shot on your opponent, make sure it is very tight to the net, if not, it may make your opponent(s) to make a net kill. But of course, the one of the main things you should never forget in badminton is deception, make it look like a clear or a smash, then at the last moment, perform a drop shot, deceiving your opponent. Hope it helps

Drop shot in badminton?

a drop shot is when you tap the birdie just over the net with little to no force. Its best to use when your opponent is playing in the backcourt cause it puts them on the defensive

What is a net shot in badminton?

A shot made at the net to the other side close to the net. Net shots are most effective when it is tight (not high above and not landing too far). Net shots should land as close to the net as possible to make it harder to return.

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