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Q: What is A birdie that is hit high or far from the net is a?
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Is it legal in badminton for the birdie to hit the net on a serve?

Yes. Unlike volleyball, in badminton, you must hit the ball only once, like its cousin, tennis.

What are the stroke in badminton?

Clear- Far shot to force the player to the back of the net. Smash- Fast, downward shot. Usually involves jumping into the air. Overhand- A simple, forward movement of the racket over your head to hit the birdie. Backhand- Self-explanatory. Drop Shot- Usually done after a clear, where you tap the birdie just over the net.

What are the different strategies of badminton?

Drop shot, Smash, net kill picots Hit the birdie over the net, out of the reach of the other team but within the boundaries.

What are the different skills needed for playing badminton?

Hit the birdie over the net, out of the reach of the other team but within the boundaries.

In badminton what happens if a player touches the net during a rally?

In badminton if the shuttle hits the net on service and falls to the ground it is considered dead. If the Shuttlecock hits the net but continues to the opponents side it is still live and in play.

In what sport is a birdie hit back and forth across the net?

Also called a shuttlecock, the birdie is used in badminton.

Can you play volleyball on a badminton net?

Yes as long as you don't touch the net. If a ball starts to roll down the net, get low and wait for it below the net. Then, pop it up in the direction of your teammates so they can put it over.

What happens when you get a foul in badminton?

There are three types of fouls in badminton:1. Service fouls- The racquet head (the round part with the strings) must be below your waist when serving- The path of the racquet must swing upwards- The path of the birdie must be going upwards until it reaches the net2. Contact fouls- If the birdie is coming your direction and it hits you on your head, arm, leg, shirt- You can only touch the birdie when you are serving, but when the birdie is in play, only your racquet can touch it- When the birdie is in play, you only have once chance to get the birdie over the net, if you hit it two times, it is a foul3. Net fouls- You and your racquet are not allowed to go over the net when the birdie is in play- You and your racquet are not allowed to touch the net when the birdie is in play

What is an inning in badminton?

I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as an "alley."What you may be referring to is a "rally" which is when the birdie is in play, being hit across the net.

What is the meaning of the badmenton?

it's spelled badminton,brainiac. This is a game played with tennis rackets and a birdie. A birdie is a ball with a plastic net attached to it. The players hit the ball back and forth, and the first person to miss the ball loses. At least, that is the way i play it.

How do you score a badminton?

A technique for scoring in badminton is aiming for kill points. You don't have to be very good at badminton to do this - all you do need to be good at is aiming. You aim at the kill points near the edges of the boundaries of the court. This will cause your opponent to think that you had hit it out, and they won't try to get it. But when it's in, you get the point. But don't use it too much, seeing as your opponent will learn your trick and then it would become useless. Another technique is to drive your opponent far back on the court and after they return it, you just tip it over the net. If they stay where they were supposed to after the last hit, they wouldn't have been able to get to the birdie in time to hit it back over. However, if they return to their places after every hit, then this trick wouldn't work. One last technique has already been mentioned and that's just tipping the birdie over. A tip is when you don't hit the birdie, but rather, you just gently tap it and instead of soaring over into the opponent's court, it seems to fall across the net and it's so close to the net that most wouldn't try getting it, seeing as if you touch the net, the other team gets a point.

Strokes in badminton?

You can smash, drive, drop, and clear. Smash is when you spike it down towards the ground on hte other side of the net and this is an offensive move. Drop is when you hit it just over hte net so it drops right on the other side.. another offensive move. Drive is when you hit the birdie horizontally right over the net at net level.. anothe offensive move. Clear is when you hit it way over hte net to hte back of the other person's court and this is more of a defensive move.