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Q: What is shot that just clears the net?
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What is a shot called that travels just over the net and bounces close to the net in tennis?

A shot that bounces twice very close to the net is called a dropshot.

What is a drop shot in tennis?

A drop shot is a shot in raquet sports which requires slicing the ball, putting a backspin on the ball just over the net.

What type of shot is used when a player is at the net and hits the ball before it bounces on his side of the net?

There is no official name for that shot. It is generally considered a layup, depending on how they shoot the ball.

Service drops smash net play dribble toss clears forehand backhand let setting drill shuttle picking?

This is not a question - just a list of sports-related words !

What is net flight in badminton?

net flight- a shot in which the bird follows the net in a short flight.

Why is touching the net a foul in badminton?

A shot made at the net to the other side close to the net. Net shots are most effective when it is tight (not high above and not landing too far). Net shots should land as close to the net as possible to make it harder to return.

What are the stroke in badminton?

Clear- Far shot to force the player to the back of the net. Smash- Fast, downward shot. Usually involves jumping into the air. Overhand- A simple, forward movement of the racket over your head to hit the birdie. Backhand- Self-explanatory. Drop Shot- Usually done after a clear, where you tap the birdie just over the net.

How do you do a net return shot in badminton?

you can either do a dropshot ideal when opponent at back of court or pitch do a smash so send it flying i.e. hit is as hard as u can or just a lift shot when you do under arm shot

Is the shot that goes into the net for a goal counted as a shot on the shot clock in a nhl hockey game?

Yes, it is!

In Ice Hockey What is considered a 'shot on goal' and who determines and keeps count?

A shot on goal is any shot that enters the net or any shot that would normally have entered the net if not stopped by the goalie. Shots that deflect off the posts or crossbar and stay out of the net are not counted as shots on goal. The number of shots and whether a shot puck counts as a shot is determined by a statistician employed by the NHL who is stationed at the rink.Yes, a goal counts as a shot on net. However it obviously does not count as a save for the goalie.

What are some Names of badminton strokes?

clear, drop shot, net shot, smash

In which Sport is the term Net Shot used?