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you should at least be able to bench body weight, and squat 1.5x body weight. Competitive players bench 2x body weight, and squat 3.5x. -EXSS major

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Q: What is the average weight bench and squat for a college linebacker?
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What is the average weight for a college football linebacker?

I play OLB and i am 6' 2 and i weigh 234 lbs i can bench press 368 and milatry 210

How much should a NFL linebacker bench?

More than twice his weight.

What is the average weight a 165 pound male can bench press?

You should be able to bench your own weight.

What should an eighth grade linebacker bench if he weighs 120?

Well, that's a pretty small linebacker. I'm an 8th grader from Oregon, and am 5'10" 150. I play inside linebacker. I bench 160, so I'd say you should be benching 120 minimum (your body weight) but 130 is a good goal.

What is the average a 12 year old can bench press?

the average weight to bench press is your own weight. all these people that say around here around there, they are wrong.

How much do college linemen bench press?

365 on average

What is the average weight that a football player bench presses?


Can the average male bench press his weight?

No. Men who have low body fat profiles tend to make it closest to their body weight on the bench.

What is the average weight a seventh grader can bench?

It is hard to decide because of your body "changing" but the average bench press is 90-100 lbs

How much do NFL linemen bench max weight?

The Average is about 225

What NFL linebacker has the combine bench press record?

Vernon golston

How much would an average 18 year old bench?

You could aim to bench whatever your body weight is.

What is the average weight a wrestler can bench press?

Mark Henry: 620 pounds.

What is the average weight that a NFL player should bench press?


190 lbs body weight What is a good bench?

bench your weight

How much can the average 40 year old woman bench press?

The average 40 year old woman should be able to bench press 52% of her body weight.

How much weight can an average freshman girl lift in bench press?

15% less than your weight if it's a girl.

What is the average max on benchpress for 16 years olds?

normally it depends on how much you weight, but usually if you are very strong you will bench 100 pounds more than your weight,so if you weight 160 youll bench about 260

What can average 180 pound kid bench press?

Half your body weight(90 pounds)

How much weight can the average 29 year old male bench press?

over 9000

What can Bench Press?

you should bench your weight or more

Do you know a Weight bench workout?

I use a dumbells and weight bench ONLY routine.

What is the average bench press of a 48 year old man?

I'd say average 48 year old male can probably bench press his own body weight one time.

What is the best weight bench set on a budget?

The Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose Weight Bench appears to be the best weight bench at an affordable price especially being as how it is multi functional, however is you just want a simple weight bench there is also the Elite Fitness Deluxe Standard Weight Bench.

What is the average weight of a professional athlete?

The average weight in a professional athlete all depends on who the athlete is playing for and where they are playing. They have some athlete's who only sit on the bench. This also depends on the weight and height of the athlete.