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Q: What has more pop to it a mple bat or an ash bat?
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What is the best type of wood bat?

It is probably the birch or ash. Birch has more pop, but ash is lighter. For youth I prefer ash. For adults its their choice if they want lighter or more pop. I use ash.

What is the lightest type of wood baseball bat?

The lightest type of wooden bat i have used has been Ash, it is very durable, light and has a good pop to it.

Does a pop fly count as an at bat?

Yes, a pop fly counts as an at bat.

What do they mean by losing pop on baseball bat?

when they say that they mean the bat has no more bounce or energy when in contack with the ball

Which bat is better Triton bat vs exogrid bat?

I have an exo grid and a Triton the exo grid has more pop but the Triton has a bigger sweet spot so u wont pop out as much with the Triton

Which bat is better combat b1 or b2?

b1 by far!! has more pop

What bat has more pop the 2013 Demarini CF5 or the 2013 Voodoo?

It is all down to preference. I have used both bats and see the Voodoo as a slight difference in weight (heavier) but I have also gotten more pop with it. The CF5 will give you much more bat speed. I prefer the Voodoo. It's a great bat with serious pop and increases over time. Good Luck, Hope it Helped! -Dan

Do you have to break in a composite baseball bat?

Yes, the longer u use it the better. he is right because the composite layers are bonded together with resin when you hit with the bat enough or roll the bat the resin is smushed and the bat has more pop alot more its kinda like braking in a glove

Which is the better baseball bat the Triton or the cf4?

the cf4 is the better bat it has great pop

Do you recommend a Easton Stealth or an Easton Synergy bat?

I would pick a easton sv12 because it has more pop

Which is better -12 or -10 for a baseball bat?

Definately the -10 if you swing the bat fast enough, which you'd have to swing pretty slow not to. The -10 is the best for you probably (more pop)

What are the differences between ash and maple bats?

Here is a good summary of both Bat TypesHard Rock Maple-Maple bats have become very popular over the past ten years. After Barry Bonds broke the single season home run record with one many players switched to the hard wood to swing with. Unlike ash Maple bats have very little flex but pack a lot of pop. Maple bats are heavier if not turned correctly but are great for training bats as well as a long term bat.Traditional Ash-I call it "traditional" because bats have been made with ash since baseball began in the early 1900's. There is nothing like the feeling of swinging an unfinished ash bat. Ash is unlike any other wood bat in the way that the bat flexes when it hits the ball, letting the ball carry further. Ash bats are great but lack the strength of other harder woods. But if you hit with any wood bat correctly it will last you a ton of at-bats.

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