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One stroke penalty and you must play the ball as it lies.

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Q: What happens when a ball hits you after a shot in the bunker?
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What happens if the ball hits the roof in table tennis?

The player who played the shot loses the point.

What happens when your tee shot hits a moving cart?

ball must be played where it lies no matter what

What club to use out of fairway bunker?

It depends how far you need to go. You can hit anything from a sand wedge to a 3 wood from a bunker. When hitting a fairway bunker shot, you need to make sure you have enough lift to clear the lip, but you should also choke down on the grip slightly. A fairway bunker shot differs from a green side bunker shot in that, in a green side shot you want to hit a couple of inches behind the ball, in a fairway bunker, you want to catch it ball first, otherwise you will just duff the ball about 30 yards.

If you take a shot in golf an it hits a tree an comes back an hits you is it a 2 shot penalty?

Yes, it is. If the ball hits the player at anytime there is a two shot penalty, and the ball must be played as it lies.

If you hit a bunker shot out of bounds can you rake before you hit your next shot?

When you play a shot from a bunker and hit it out of bounds, you clearly have to replay your shot. But the rules stipulate that the conditions of the previous shot must be recreated. So if you played from sand which was raked, you would rake the sand and place the ball as close to where the last shot was played from in the last shot. If you were in a footprint you would have to make a footprint and place your ball in it, and if you were in a divot, you would make a divot and place the ball in it.

A truck is traveling at 60 mph when a ball is shot out of a pitching machine in the bed of the truck at 60 mph in the opposite direction what happens to the ball?

The ball falls, hits the road and does not roll.

Is it a legal shot when the ball hits the side of the backboard?

Yes, it is. As long as the ball does not hit the back of the backboard or the shot clock, the shot is valid.

Should you rake a sand bunker if your golfball did not come out first time?

No, once you are in a bunker, you may not rake it or ground your club until you are out of that bunker. If you rake the bunker when your ball is still in it, you receive a two shot penalty or loss of the hole in match play.

Play a shot in a bunker and fail to get out can you rake the bunker before the next shot out of the bunker?

No, because this is viewed as testing, for which you would be given a penalty.

Can you ground your club in a bunker after you've already had one shot in the bunker?

No, the only time you are allowed to ground your club in the bunker is when you are playing an actual shot. If you ground your club in the bunker prior to a stroke it is a two shot penalty.

What should a golfer do before leaving the bunker?

Get into the bunker, play their shot then rake the bunker as they are leaving.

When you hit good bunker shot will you touch your ball?

Most likely not, when you are playing a bunker shot, the idea is to hit the sand around 4-5 inches before the ball, and allow the ball to have a cushion of sand when the club passes it, this will allow it to go straight up in the air, come down and stop easily on the green. However you may decide to hit the ball first, this is a lot more unreliable shot and it is very easy to lose control of the ball and hit it thin.

What if a golf ball hits the player?

One shot penalty and the ball must be played as it lies.

What does explode mean when used in golf?

'Explosion' refers to a certain type of shot played out of a sand trap. An explosion shot is done by striking the sand behind the ball, rather than the ball itself; the sand 'explodes' out of the bunker and carries the ball with it.

What is the name given to a shot in snooker where the cue ball hits a red ball which hits another red ball to make it go into a pocket?

It is called a plant

What happens if you sink the black ball in pool on the first shot?

You loose.

In a basketball game if the ball hits the backboard then goes into the basket what is this shot called?

It is called a "bank" shot.

What will happen when a pool stick hits the white pool ball which hits another pool ball?

If the pool stick, or cue, hits the cue ball, the white ball, with any part other than the tip, it is a foul. If the tip strikes the cue ball, it is a shot. After that, the outcome depends on the game, what balls was struck, whether it was a break shot or in-game shot, the proper object ball, and where the bal struck ends up.

Does the shot clock reset if the ball hits a hook on the rim?

If a player shoots the ball before the shot-clock goes off, and it hits the rim in any way, then yes the clock will reset.

What happens in golf if a player hits opponents ball by mistake when both players are puting on the green?

the player who putted the ball receives a one shot penalty and the ball that was hit should be replaced as near as possible to the place it was struck.

When Playing pool if you call a shot and it hits the eight ball does it count?

If you made the shot off of the eight ball it only counts if you call it off the eight.

Where was Deborah Samson shot?

bunker hill

Can you rake a bunker before your shot?


What if golf ball hits another golf ball?

If player A has a golf ball on the green and player B hits a shot from off the green which hits player A's, there is no penalty, Player A replaces their ball as close as possible to where their ball was prior being hit, and player B plays their ball as it lies. However, if Player A has a ball on the green, and player B plays a shot on the green, if the balls collide player A must replace their ball and player B receives a two shot penalty and plays their ball as it lies.

When playing four ball greensomes a ball is lost and another needs to be dropped who plays the next shot?

Say player A's drive is taken, player B therefore hits the next shot, if he hits it out of bound, the player A hits the next shot, which would be 4 from the middle of the fairway.