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ball must be played where it lies no matter what

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Q: What happens when your tee shot hits a moving cart?
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What happens if the ball hits the roof in table tennis?

The player who played the shot loses the point.

How do you know the order in which you would golf in your foursome in the following situations off the tee on the green and in the fairway?

In foursomes it is quite simple, one player hits the tee shot on the odd holes, the other hits the tee shot on the even holes. Imagine two players A and B. On hole 1- A hits tee shot, B hits 2nd shot, A hits 3rd shot, B hits 4th shot etc. On hole 2- B hits tee shot, A hits 2nd shot, B hits 3rd shot, A hits 4th shot. If A hits the tee shot OB, then B hits the provisional tee shot, then A hits what would be the 4th shot.

What happens when a ball hits you after a shot in the bunker?

One stroke penalty and you must play the ball as it lies.

Is it a penalty to hit your cart or trolley with a shot?

Yes, it is part of your equipment.

What are the rules pertaining to the cart path being within 10 ft of the green. you hit your ball on the cart path and it goes out of bounds.?

The question is unclear. If you hit your shot and it bounces off the cart path and goes OB then it is unfortunate, you must replay a shot from that position as you would do with any shot that went OB. If you are on the cart path, you should check local rules. Some courses have cart paths as an integral part of the course and the ball must be played off them, if this is the case you can play a shot off them or take a PENALTY drop. If you are allowed relief then you may take nearest point of relief (no nearer the hole) and one club length.

Can police shot at a moving car?

Where i am you can not shoot at a moving vehicle for safety of bystanders.

What happens to Kagome when she gets shot in the back?

what happens to Kagome Higurashi when she gets shot in the back!

If you take a shot in golf an it hits a tree an comes back an hits you is it a 2 shot penalty?

Yes, it is. If the ball hits the player at anytime there is a two shot penalty, and the ball must be played as it lies.

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