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Arousal is linked to a group of emotions such as joy and pleasure in cases of winning over an opponent and achieving the goal of sports competitions. Excitement is considered a neutral physiological phenomenon as it is either emotional, i.e. negative, such as anxiety, or positive emotionality, such as pleasure.

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Q: What is the importance of arousal in sports?
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What sports have low arousal?

you need low arousal for sports like gold & bowls where as you need high arousal for rugby.

How does arousal and anxiety effect sports performance?


How does arousal and anxiety affect sports performance?


How does arousal affect sports performance?

Arousal affects sports performance positively. By the increase of testosterone in your body you are able to do physical activity faster and with more force.

Attention arousal set theory and sports performance?


What is a famous example of a sports person suffering from over arousal?


What are the long term effects of Arousal and Anxiety in Sports Performance?


Example of low arousal levels in sport?

Arousal can effect sport performance, for example if you have poor arousal, you will not be ready for a sports game and won't perform to the standard you can do. If you have good arousal your performance will be better as you will be ready for a performance. By Lewis soal

What is the importance of sports in national development?

Importance of sports and it national development

What is the importance of badmiton in sports?

thers not much importance

How will optimal arousal affect your sport performance?

during sports performance your arousal level will begin to increase. Once you reach your optimum arousal it will begin to decrease. This will make you feel less confident. E.g. when taking a penalty in football.

What do coaches and sports performers sometimes describe spots arousal as?

they normaly say it is a good thing because.

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