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No, there is no penalty for this. In a competition round, you can not borrow clubs or balls, but you are permitted to borrow items such as tees and a pitch mark repairer. So no need to worry.

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Q: Is there a penalty in golf if you use or ask to use another players ball mark repair tool?
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What if I am on the green and I putt and my ball hits another players ball?

You take a penalty stroke if you did not let te other player mark their ball.

Is there a penalty if we play and Hit other players ball on green?

If you are on the green and you hit another ball which is on the green, you receive a two shot penalty and must play your ball where it lies. The other ball must be replaced, you should have asked the other player to move the ball. If however you are not on the green and hit another ball, there is no penalty, you again play yours as it lies and the other ball must be replaced.

What is the penalty for hitting another players ball?

Two shot penalty, and you must correct your mistake before you tee off on the next hole. The total of shots you hit with the wrong ball is also counted.

Can you have more than 11 players on the field and still spike the ball?

Yes but that would be a penalty to have to many players on the field, if they are on the other team then they will get the penalty.

If you lose a golf ball Then take a penalty and hit another ball you then find the lost ball do you take the penalty or hit the lost ball?

Once you have taken the penalty and hit the new ball, you may not hit the old ball again. Play on with the penalty and the new ball.

Why do golfers mark their ball putting green?

They mark their ball out of courtesy for other players as if one player on the green hits the ball of another they receive a two shot penalty. It is also so the player can clean his ball and line it up.

What rules are there in football?

The rules are that any players can't touch the ball with there hands or there's a penalty. Only the goalkeepers could touch the ball with there hands. Another rule is the you can't injure or hurt anyone or an penalty will apply, the least worse penalty is a free kick for the injured players team,the worst is a red card which sends you off the field. Same for if an player touches the ball,except it's just an free kick. When the ball gets to the penalty box which is the goalkeepers box and penalties the opposite team gets a penalty shot which is 12 feet away fo the goal. :)

In college football if a players foot hits the ball causing a fumble is a penalty?

If the 'kick' is intentional, it is an illegal kick penalty. If it is unintentional, it is a fumble.

Can you be offsides on a penalty kick?

For a penalty kick to be started all players, except the goal keeper and kicker, must be (1) outside of the penalty area, (2) 10 yards from the ball, and (3) behind the ball. So, by definition, a penalty cannot be taken with a player in an offside position.

When a golf ball hits another players ball on the fairway what should happen?

any ball struck by another ball must be replaced as close to its original position as possible. Tricky when players are 150yds away!

What purpose is the D on the edge of the eighteen yard box?

The D keeps players 10 yards from the Ball when a penalty kick is taken. Whenever a free kick is taken, the defending team must always be 10 yards away from the ball. This includes penalty kicks. The penalty spot is 12 yards from the goal line. The penalty area is 18 yards from the goal line. All players have to be outside of the box when the penalty kick is taken. Without the D, the players standing behind the penalty taker would only be 6 yards from the ball. So, from the penalty spot, a 10 yard radius is drawn and marked only outside the penalty box (so it ends up looking like a D)

In stroke play Ball enters a green side bunker Player informs you will hit another ball from here you will take one shot penalty Ruling please?

You would get a one stroke penalty if you hit another ball and do not call it provisonal, because you cannot hit another golf ball unless it is unplayable.

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