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Yes but that would be a penalty to have to many players on the field, if they are on the other team then they will get the penalty.

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Q: Can you have more than 11 players on the field and still spike the ball?
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What players can spike the volleyball?

anyone the setter sets the ball to

Can back row players in volley ball attack spike or block at the net?

they can spike but not block the net

How many players in football are allow to be on the field at a time?

The offense and the defense can each have 11 players on the field. If they have 12 ormore players on the field when the ball is snapped they are penalized.

What is a middle players main job in volleyball?

The player in middle front has the job of setting the ball to the players on his or hers right or left so they can get in a good spike. The player in middle back has to receive the ball so the setter can set it to the other 2 in front. But middle back can also spike the ball.

In the mid-1800s did players field the ball barehanded?

yes they did

How many players are allowed on a volley ball field at one time during a game?

12 players are allowed on a volley ball field at one time during a game.

What are hitters in volleyball?

they are the offensive players that usually spike or tip the ball over the net from a volley set by the setter.

What are structures of a soccer game?

the net the players the referee the field the ball

Why are field hockey fields flat?

Field Hockey Field are flat to ensure that the ball can not roll in any direction unless it is moved by the players and to make it safe for players. if the ground was uneven it would be dangerous for the players to hit the ball incase the ball hit a bump in the grass or astroturf and was lifted into the air and hit a player.

How many players in T-ball?

There are 10 players on each team on the field of a game of T-ball. But there is usually reserves if anyone gets injured.

Do Field Hockey players play with a hard ball?

yes, hockey players do play with a hard ball. It is smooth depending on the brand e.g - kookaburra

What is the line called that does not let the back players come to the front net area and spike the ball?

3 Meter line.

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