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Try it. Throw a Baseball as hard as you can by standing flat-footed, then do the same by stepping toward your target and decide for yourself.

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Q: Is it better to throw a ball with a stride or without?
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Why do you need to place your feet in a stride position while throwing or catching a ball?

Helps you keep your balance, and you can throw further.

What is the easiest way to capture Cresselia without a master ball?

throw a master ball throw a master ball (i dont have a master ball) from tanman07

How do you be a better quarterback?

throw the ball

How do you throw a ball has hard as you can and get it back without hitting something?

Throw it straight up.

Can a pace bowler after 3 balls without calling can throw a spin ball...IS that ball is considered as no ball?

He can and it is not.

How can you throw a ball so it will reverse direction and return to you without the ball bouncing against or touching any solid object?

Throw towards top

Can you throw a football without your pinky?

obviously if u dont have limp arm u can throw any ball

How can you throw a ball of water without using a water balloon?

Freeze it.

How can you throw a ball with all your might and without hitting a wall or other obstruction have it stop and come right back to you?

Throw it into the wind, or throw it straight up.

How do you throw ball in basketball?

Either one or two handed, and with or without bouncing it.

If a ball lands in your property do you own it?

Even though people playing with balls do not have a right to throw (or hit) a ball into your property without your permission, it would not be appropriate for you to confiscate the ball if these people ask you to return it. These kinds of accidents can happen to anyone, so there is no need to be vindictive about it. If people REPEATEDLY throw balls into your property, then you have a better case for confiscating them. Also, if a ball lands in your property and no one is asking you to return it, then it is yours.

How can you throw a ball with all your might without hitting a wall or other obstruction have the ball stop and come right back to you?

You throw it straight up, it will come back down to you...

Is a blitzball better than a junk ball?

The Blitzball does not compare to a Junk Ball! Junk Ball is much easier to throw and much more fun to play with!

Why does a football have laces?

Most quarterbacks use the laces to better grip and throw the ball.

How do you become a better quarterback?

Practice throw a ball though a tire and try to get your steps right. 3 back and 1 foward on your throw.

Will striding when pitching make the baseball move at a higher speed?

While pitching your stride doesn't actually make the ball faster. What makes the ball look faster to a batter is how close you are. If you throw an 85mph fastball from 60 feet a batter will know but if you throw the same speed from 50 feet away the batter might think its coming 90-93 mph.

Can you score a basket when you are out of bounds and throw the ball on the court and it goes in without making contact with a player?

As stated, no. The ball would be considered out of play.

Can a goalkeeper throw a ball directly into other goal from his penalty area?

If they can throw it that far without it being stopped, then there is nothing to stop them doing so.

How to play throw ball?

take a ball in ur hand ,lift it,and throw it

Should a 9 year old be throwing a curve ball?

It depends which way he is throwing the ball. If he is twisting his wrist he could hurt his elbow and end up seriously injured. Only adults should twist their wrist when throwing a curve ball. There is a way to throw a curve ball without hurting your arm though. What you do is you get your grip on the baseball and throw the ball like a football. I throw my curves this way and they are pretty nasty.

How do you get better at cricket?

To get better at cricket it depends what you want to be better at Bowling, Batting or Fielding to be better at Bowling you must practice your action and run up to get a good stride into your deleviries. to get better at batting you must try all types of shot and be 100% focused. to get better at fielding you have to be focused on the ball and have quick reactions you can practice this by getting someone to throw the ball in different directions and you have to field it Try alot of tricks with ball . It would increase your fielding strenghts. Make running a habit. Play tennis , sqaush to increase batting skills. Try frequent throws with stone on a particular object , it would increase your pace and lenght . Bowling skills

Does the different type of football affect how far it goes?

Yes, because if it is a small ball then you can grip it better therefore allowing you to throw it farther. If it is a college or high school ball you must have big hands to throw it a decent distance.

How do you get a perfect score on the epf test on club penguin?

Actually, you should throw a snow ball at the target, keep clicking on the red square for the running test, throw a snowball at camera two (and hide behind a pole) THEN you should throw a snow ball at the platform. You could also throw it at the panel but it works better my way.

Types of serving in playing volleyball?

Overhand (throw the ball up, take a step forward, and hit it with your opposite hand) Underhand (hold the ball in one hand, take a step, then swing your arm like a pendulum with a fish and push it out of your hand) Float (same as overhand, but freeze your hand once you hit it instead of following through) Jump (step forward, throw the ball up in front of you, take one last stride, then jump and hit the ball as it is descending) Top Spin (the ball spins forward) Side Spin (the ball spins sideways)

How can you throw a ball so that it goes to a complete stop and reverse without hitting a wall?

By using The Force