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throw the ball

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Q: How do you be a better quarterback?
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Who has a better quarterback New England or Pittsburgh the rookie year?

Pittsburgh had a better quarterback with big ben.

Who is a better quarterback Tim Tebow or Matthew stafford?

Tim Tebow is the better football player I will admit that but Matthew Stafford is the better Quarterback!

Who is better at quarterback Eli or tom?


Who is the best quarterback of all-time Joe Montana or Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is the better quarterback , he is a all around better thrower and runner

Is a quarterback better if he is short or tall?

Tall and skinny.

Who is better quarterback Eli or Peyton Manning?

payton manning is way better then Eli

Who is a better quarterback Vick or Manning?

Peyton Manning of course!!

Who is a better quarterback Ben Roethlisberger or Jake Delhomme?

Ben Roethlisberger

Who is a better quarterback Eli Manning or Aaron Rodgers?

Eli mannong

Who is a better quarterback Eli Manning or Tom Brady?

We will find out Sunday

Who is the better quarterback Steve young or Joe Montana?

Montana is the better pocket passer but Young is the better mobile one.

Does football develop better hand to eye cordinatio?

yah it does certanly if you are the quarterback

Why does the quarterback and football kicker wear different sleeves?

Better range of motion

Who is the better quarterback Tony Romo or Cam Newton?

Tony Romo for sure!

Do the Baltimore Ravens or the Pittsburgh Steelers have a better quarterback?

While fan opinions may differ on this question since Ravens and Steelers have quite a bit of rivalry, statistically, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is 9-2 in his career against the Ravens. Steelers thus can be said to have the better quarterback.

Why is Eli Manning a better quarterback than Peyton Manning?

He's not. Eli is extremely skilled but Peyton has better accuracy & read's the field better.

Who is the oldest quarterback?

Brett favre and he is the best and way better than vince young

Who is a better quarterback Tom Brady or Eli Manning?

that is so easy TOM BRADY

Will Jim Zorn get fired this week?

I think he should be fired, its not the quarterback its the coach. I can't believe this man is a quarterback coach, he made Jason Campbell look bad. He makes the wrong calls for the tape of quarterback Jason Campbell is. You don't change the quarterback you work with him I feel Campbell would have been a better quarterback if he was given the chance.

Which quarterback is better Tom Brady or tony romeo?

Tony Romo passes w/ flying colors he is not only a better player but a better leader too.

Who is a better quarterback Brett Favre or john elway?

John elway the best of all time

Who is the better quarterback terry Bradshaw or Joe Montana?

Joe Montana gets more recognition.

Joe Montana vs Steve young?

Easy, Montana won 4 Super Bowls as a starting quarterback and Steve Young won 1. So Montana was the better quarterback.

Present tense of you sacked the quarterback?

You sack the quarterback or you are sacking the quarterback.

Who is the better quarterback Dan Marino or Joe Montana?

joe montana :) hes the best quarterback of all time. look at all those times he lead the niners to the grandest stage of them all