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No, Golf does not need flexibility. More on your arm's strength.

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Q: Is golf a flexibility exercise
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What forms of exercise can you participate in that will help to improve your golf game?

The two areas to focus on include core strength, stability and flexibility to improve on golf game. You need to improve your golf swing power by golf weight training exercise.

Does playing golf help your body?

Golf can help maintain flexibility and be a good source of exercise, especially as one ages. Any sort of physical activity will help your body.

What is the effect of exercise on your flexibility?

The flexibility of your body is better.

What are two main exercise to increase flexibility?

just one exercise can increase flexibility in a body and that is only all kind of physical exercise ,,

Does exercise help flexibility?


Is yoga a flexibility exercise?


How is flexibility improved?

Exercise and do back bends

What is a flexibility exercise?

Single hip rotation---A+

Is flexibility exercises considered an exercise?


Which of these is a flexibility exercise?

Single hip rotation

Which exercise below is a safe exercise for developing flexibility?

Achilles tendon stretch

Is it possible to gain flexibility after 25?

Of couse you can gain flexibility after 25. All you have to do to gain flexibility is strech and exercise. I hope that helped.

What kind of exercise should you do when you are cooling down after an intense workout?

Flexibility exercise (This is the right answer:)

What are sports that do not require flexibility?

All sports in some way needs flexibility....... The amount it needs may vary.. But there is no sports without flexibility...

What are ways to keep the muscular system healthy?

Exercise, have flexibility, strength, and endurance, which are the three areas of fitness Exercise, have flexibility, strength, and endurance, which are the three areas of fitness

Exercise for the splits?

You don't excercise... You stretch. You have to work on flexibility.

Does exercise hlep mantain strength and flexibility?

Yes it does :-S

What kind of exercise you do during warm up?

Flexibility training

What activities would be flexibility exercises?

Exercise or Physical activity fall into four basic categories-endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. The flexibility exercise is like Yoga. Dance. walking up stairs. Hiking. Lifting weights etc

What happens to the joints after exercise?

it becomes more stable and the flexibility increases

How does exercise increases flexibility?

your body gets used to the stretching and can do it easier

What kind of exercise should you do during a warm-up?

Flexibility training

What has the author Lewis A Yocum written?

Lewis A. Yocum has written: 'Women's exercise guide to better golf' -- subject(s): Exercise for women, Golf

Is playing golf the best exercise?

I wouldn't say it is the best exercise, but it is pretty good.

The flexed arm hang will determine flexibility?

The flexed arm hang is a measure of muscular endurance. The "flexed" in the exercise description refers to the muscles flexing to perform the exercise, and not to any flexibility in range of motion.