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A player is down when his knee or back touches the ground. If the ball carrier loses the ball before this happens then it is called a fumble, and both teams try to recover the ball and whichever team does gains possession.

Yes. The only thing allowed to touch the ground without you being 'down' is your hands and feet. We even have interpretation questions on whether the wrist and ankles are part of the hand/feet to determine if a player is down.

If the ball touches the ground, the player is considered down. This is why the ground cannot cause a fumble.

If it was a pass and the WR was deemed not in control of the pass, it is known as a dropped or incomplete pass. The player has to have complete control, but the ball can touch the ground. This is determining the completion of the catch, though, not whether the player is down or not.

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Q: Is a player down if the football hits the ground?
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Where is the football placed on tackles?

The ball is placed where the ball actually is (assuming the player still has "possession") when the player is down by contact or when the knee hits the ground.

In football are you considered down when your hand touches the ground?

No. They are down when any other part of the body hits the ground besides a players' hands or feet.

What do you call a play in football when a player drops the ball and kicks it before it hits the ground?


When an offensive player's shin hits the ground while carrying the ball is he considered down?

It is considered that a shin can not hit the ground without the knee hitting first. So yes the player is down.

How many hits can a football player have?

It is 23 hits exactly.

Is a player down when his elbow hits ground and not his knee?

Yes. The only parts of the body that can be down on the ground and the ball stay live are the hand and foot. If even a wrist of ankle is down, the ball is dead.

Can a defensive player pull an offensive player apart from the ball when their is a reception in the end zone in football?

no , the offensive player has to have control or it is an incomplete pass. if offensive player hits the ground and ball comes out it is an incomplete pass.

What is the average number of hits for football player?


What happens when a tree falls down?

it hits the ground

What happens if a defensive player intercepts a throw or knocks the frisbee to the ground?

If a player on defense catches a disc or hits it to the ground, then possession changes. The player may continue play going the opposite direction. If the disc hits the ground, any player may pick it up on his or her team to continue play. This is similar to an interception in American football.

What is a incomplete pass in football?

When a ball is thrown forward but not caught in bounds or dropped and it hits the ground

In football what does hang time mean?

Hangtime is how long the football is suspended in there air. The hand time is no more when the ball hits the ground or is caught.

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