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Q: What is the average number of hits for football player?
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What is the batting average of 24 hits out of 75 times at bat?

.320 ... to determine a player's batting average, divide the number of at bats into the number of hits.

How many hits can a football player have?

It is 23 hits exactly.

What is the Number of hits delivered divided by the Number of times at bat?

This is the baseball player's "batting average" and can be by season or career.

What is the ratio of a player who hits 268 in 509 at-bats?

A player who hit .268 in 509 at bats collected 136 hits. Batting average is determined by the number of hits divided by the number of at-bats. X/509 = .268

How do you caculate a baseball players batting average?

You divide the player's total hits by the number of at-bats.

Average number of hits in a baseball game?

The average number of hits in a baseball game is between 17 & 18 total. This is about 9 hits per team.

What constitutes unnecessary roughness in football?

If a player PURPOSEFULLY hits another player after the whistle or when the play is done.

What was aarons average number of hits?

In 23 years of MLB, Aaron played in 3298 games and got 3771 hits. From this it should be no problem to calculate his average number of hits.

How do you catculate batting average?

you count the number of pitches and the number of hits and divide the number of hits by the number of pitches, chances there will be many less hits than there are pitches and this will give you a decimal. a batting average is meant to be represented like this. ex. .346 (this is a fairly normal average)

What does batting average mean?

the number of hits you have over the number of at bats you have

How do you calculate hitting percentage in baseball?

Hitting percentage is also called batting average. To calculate a player's batting average, divide the number of at bats into the number of base hits. For example, a batter has 400 at bats and 100 base hits. Dividing 400 into 100 gives a batting average of .250.

Rule for football bullring?

It is illegal. Because the coach calls a number and that player goes and hits the player in the center of the circle. Its illegal because the player might not know where the other player is and can hit him in the back and paralyze him. soo yeah that's why?

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